3 Easy Tips for Increasing your Home’s Value

Woman CleaningYears roll by while we go about living our lives. Home is the place we end up at the end of each day. That is, until you’re considering selling that home.

All of a sudden, it feels more like an investment – “how much is it worth?” you wonder. “Is there a way for me to maximize the amount I’ll realize from the sale?”

Hopefully, you’ve maintained the home over those years that rolled by. If so, all you need to do is concentrate on some small cosmetic changes.

Sure, a major remodel may increase your home’s value, but there are also small fixes you can make that will add some dollars to the bottom line.

1. A Clean House Sells Faster

Not only will it sell faster if it’s clean, you’ll get more money for it. Think about it for a minute: do you place top dollar on any product that’s dirty? Would you pay Kelly Blue Book high value for a dirty car?

Of course not, and for a number of reasons beyond the “yucky-ness” factor. First, a dirty home shows no pride of ownership. If someone can’t find the time to clean their house to show it to potential buyers, what else don’t they have the time to do? What maintenance has been put off?

Next, today’s buyers are looking for “turn-key” homes that are move-in ready. Sure, they may put an offer in on your dirty house, but it won’t be for top dollar.

For the elbow-grease averse, there’s sadly no getting around this chore. Hire someone if you must, but the home should be immaculately clean, from the ceilings to the floors.

2. Splash Some Paint Around

We are convinced that paint is a miracle product. It adds new life to a tired room, removes odors and makes a room look cleaner. If your walls have seen better days, consider performing some of the following tasks:

  • Remove dated and torn wall paper. Consider replacing it with paint instead.
  • Repaint all the woodwork in the house, such as doors, railings, window frames and baseboards.
  • Use a neutral tone of paint. It will appeal to more buyers.
  • Whitewash dark paneling

3. Update the Hub of the Home

The kitchen can make or break a home sale. By focusing on a few small details you can increase the value of the home.

  • Update light fixtures.
  • Install new cabinets or paint the old ones, if needed.
  • Add new hardware to the cabinetry.
  • Replace old appliances.
  • Add new plumbing fixtures.
  • Clear the countertops of anything that isn’t decorative.

According to a 2011 national survey, $100 to $200 spent cleaning the house will bring in $1,500 to $2,000 more in value.  Spend $500 to $750 updating your kitchen and you’ll realize an additional $1,000 to $1,500 in value.

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