8 Landscaping Tips for Home Sellers

Landscaping Tips To Help You Sell Your HomeWhen it comes to selling a home, curb appeal is a big deal. Because of that, sellers may want to give their landscaping some attention before they put a For Sale sign in the yard or contact a Realtor to help them get their house sold. While a yard does not have to be perfect to sell your Eden Prairie home, having nice landscaping can make a difference. Here are eight ways to make a home’s landscaping look better, in preparation for a sale.

1. Clean Up the Yard Thoroughly

A messy yard will equal a messy house in the eyes of many buyers. They may think that being messy also means a seller did not take care of their house, so there could be deferred maintenance and other issues to deal with. While this may not be true, a clean yard will be more appealing to buyers.

2. Keep Everything Mowed Neatly

Mowing the yard is not that exciting, but it is something that needs to be done. When you own a house it is possible to let the yard go just a little bit, but when that house is for sale it is important to make sure the yard always looks nice and neat. Mowing frequently and using a weed eater and edger to keep the sides clean can make a difference in how the landscaping looks.

3. Go Through the Flower Beds

Flower beds are beautiful, but they can be havens for weeds, too. Be sure to de-weed flower gardens on a regular basis to keep them from being overgrown. Clean them out thoroughly and make sure all they have in them are the flowers that are supposed to be there, along with whatever type of material you put down to surround them.

4. Plant Something Pretty

Nice looking plants and shrubs, as well as colorful flowers, can go a long way toward making a house look great. That will improve the landscaping, and make the house more appealing to buyers right from the beginning. Make sure the colors work well with each other, though, and that they do not clash with the color of the house.

5. Mulch Makes Everything Better

Putting mulch around flowers and shrubs can help make everything look neat and tidy. It is a great way to improve landscaping without spending a lot of money. There are different types of mulch, including colored varieties and some that are made from rubber so they will last a very long time.

6. Don’t Go Overboard With Color or Design

Keeping things simple is important. If sellers go overboard with too much landscaping, buyers may look more at the upkeep instead of the beauty of it all. That can deter them from buying the house, because they will be worried about needing to maintain everything or having it removed.

7. Consider a Water Feature

If the house has a water feature already, make sure it is working properly or have it removed completely. Having a feature that does not work is not a good idea, since buyers see maintenance issues and problems. If there is no water feature, putting one in could add landscaping appeal. Think carefully about it, though, because it can also be a nuisance and a danger to neighborhood children and pets if it is not in a fenced area.

8. Don’t Forget to Include Outdoor Spaces

Landscaping is more than just trees, shrubs, and flowers. When there are outdoor spaces like patios or porches, these need to be included, as well. Making them neat, tidy, useful, and comfortable can go a very long way in the eyes of a prospective buyer.

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