Michelle Wagner-Marek

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Michelle is a long-term Minnesotan who grew up in a small town. She has always enjoyed the distinct role of being part of a team and working with people. As a youngster, being active and participating in a variety of activities was something she embraced. As she reflects, it was a path to connecting with diverse groups of people from interests of sports or education to the arts. She started working in the smalltown grocery store at the age of thirteen and found herself blessed by the connections she made with community members. Eventually, she started working for a nursing home in a neighboring community where she found a passion for bonding with families in a very personable way leading to a career in healthcare as a Registered Nurse for the past three decades. She graduated from Minnesota State University-Mankato with a BSN in nursing and has worked alongside many unrivaled team members.

Her background in the healthcare field has allowed her to practice in various aspects of the nursing field including having worked as a float nurse in the hospital inpatient care setting (from pediatrics, oncology, OB/GYN to the ICU/CCU), Supervisor of an outpatient Specialty Clinic, Occupational and Employee Health Case Manager for Northwest Airlines, case review for Minnesota’s Quality Improvement Organization, Manager of Utilization Review and other quality work within a health insurance company, and many other roles. She was fortunate to have been the first student to have completed her synthesis with an air ambulance service (Life Link). Throughout her career, she has gained many skills which will transfer well into the real estate profession. Some examples include being detail-oriented, working well under pressure, compassionate, having strong listening skills, and being personable. A major role in nursing is ongoing education. She looks forward to combining her love for learning and teaching into the field of real estate as well.

Why real estate? Why now? She purchased her first home while attending nursing school in the town of Mankato, MN, when she was in her early twenties. As she looked at homes, her real estate agent and father had her consider different home features to match her wants and needs at the time, which aided in her to make the best investment choice (of course they picked the home she wasn’t quite sold on at the time; but in the end, it was the perfect home!).

Since then, she and her husband have purchased several different homes. She relishes walking through the Parade of Homes and working on home improvement projects whether it’s internal or external. Her dad was in the construction trades and has taught her numerous ways to identify home upgrade opportunities over the years. With this background, she now feels she has the skills and resources to help others in their real estate investment.

In her spare time, she enjoys relaxing with family and friends. She has four adult children (three sons and a daughter). Over the years, they have built a love for traveling, camping, and fishing as a family. Her children also carried out her passion for sports and music. She has spent many, many early mornings, late nights, and weekends at ice arenas or ball fields. And, of course, they rarely miss a MN Wild (all of her kids play ice hockey- and yes, two are goalies) or MN Twins game. For the past twenty-seven years, through these activities, she has made amazing friendships.

As life happens, there have been many curve balls thrown her way as well. In the past decade, we survived the 2008 housing crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic which has provided her with first-hand and second-hand experiences and knowledge. She believes all of these experiences have provided her with key essentials to help ease some of your worries as you invest in real estate whether buying your first home, second home, or preparing for your retirement home.

She looks forward to representing you during one of your biggest investment journeys. She will provide you with professional and timely representation.

Reviews for Kris Lindahl Real Estate

I highly recommend the Kris Lindahl team. I liked that Kirsten Dillon had almost 24/7 availability, her targeted search criteria, her intimate knowledge of the market I was looking to buy into, her spot-on assessments of the relative value of houses, and her willingness to visit houses even when I was looking only for comparison purposes. She helped me arrange financing. She also assisted me in finding competent, reliable, and reasonably priced contractors for both immediate and longer-term work after the sale. She knows her market. She's a hands-on, active agent who produced fast results. I would work with her again without hesitation.

Moussa Guebre

2 weeks ago

Julie Dial from Kris Lindahl Real Estate is by far the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. From our initial consultation, she was very knowledgeable, direct, and clearly understood our preferences. She worked diligently and efficiently to show us high quality properties in a timely fashion (which is very important in today’s market). She was incredibly accessible and responsive throughout the buying process and put us in the best position possible to buy our dream home. We appreciated her extensive knowledge of the market and she was just an all-around great person to work with. I recommend her highly to my friends and colleagues and very much look forward to working with her in the future.

Lehbib Saleck

2 weeks ago

From the moment Karen Busch walked into my home, I knew I was in good hands. She immediately had several great suggestions and helped us find the perfect way to present the property to sell. It was truthfully a stress-free process from beginning to end because of how transparent and responsive Karen was throughout. With my new home purchase, the service was equally stellar. We probably privately toured well over a dozen properties. Her advice was invaluable, eventually leading to us selecting the perfect property for our family. If you are looking for a true partner in your sale or home purchase, I highly recommend giving Karen Busch a call.

Bobby Eilerman

a month ago