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Growing up in the town of Farmington, Sophie lived a pretty average life in a small suburban neighborhood. Sophie was always more of an introvert like her mom. She was very observant rather than wild and careless like most kids, and that quality has stayed with her. In high school she was adamant about putting herself out there more to overcome her shyness, so she joined theater, choir, color guard, horse riding, and band. Throughout the 4 years of high school she grew her confidence and a love for genuinely getting to know people and listening to their stories. She worked at a pet boutique in high school as well as shopped and delivered groceries. These were her first professional experiences with the public. She learned how genuine conversations and connections can form by simple, nice interactions. COVID changed things for her, as it did for everyone, and she took a break from college planning to decide what she genuinely wanted to do with her life.

Real estate was always an interest of Sophie’s due to her genuinity, drive, and love of scavenging for perfection. But she wasn’t dedicated to it yet. She worked full time at a small cafe that catered to food allergies and there she truly learned about helping and connecting with people. She made sure to go above and beyond their expectations just because she knew what smiles it could put on their face. After hearing about Kris Lindahl real estate and their values, she knew that this was the career and business she wanted to work with. She has spent countless hours studying and perfecting the technical side of real estate, but is always most excited to meet new people and build the “foundation” of a new relationship!

Currently Sophie lives in Eagan, Minnesota and enjoys adventuring with her pets (two birds, two dogs), friends and better half. She also enjoys getting outside and exploring nature, preferably when it's warm!

Reviews for Kris Lindahl Real Estate

Carmen was a key part of our project. She showed us multiple properties and offered her knowledge about the pros and cons of each property. She brainstormed with us on the property we purchased and we ended up using some of her suggestions when we remodeled the home. As we got close to finishing she was right there for photos and staging as well as encouragement to finish up and get it listed again. She was right on the money with her market knowledge. We will definitely work with Carmen again on our next flip.

Lawrence Pinnock

a week ago

Great service! Great team! Amanda Rose has helped me on multiple real estate properties. She handled the listing and sale of a residential property for me and everything went perfectly. Amanda’s attention to detail, her integrity, and her effective negotiating skills are top notch. It was a stress free experience working with her. She will always be my first call when I need a realtor.

Sam Spiva

a month ago

Gregorio spent so much time walking through houses with us (including creepy cellars!) so we could see every part of a house during our virtual showings. He worked non-stop for the two days we were in town to see as many houses in person as possible. Once we chose our home and our offer was accepted, Gregorio kept us up to date on everything and when we hit snags, he was always quick to respond. He really went above and beyond in making sure we were taken care of. 100% recommend!

Jessica Lowe

a month ago