Riana Rogers
Riana Rogers
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Born and raised in beautiful Bozeman, Montana, Riana decided to excel her career in the Real Estate industry and take a chance in the Twin Cities. Riana grew up in Montana in a competitive household with sports playing a huge role in her upbringing. At the collegiate level, she played basketball and attended Rocky Mountain College in Billings, Montana. She can thank basketball for many of her desirable qualities as a real estate agent. At a very young age, Riana was full of ambition, self-motivation, competitiveness, integrity, and strong determination. Originally, she had attended school with interests in the medical field to become a physical therapist, and later became a personal trainer with the intention of remaining in the competitive world of sports which she felt so passionate about. However, she later became aware of the opportunity that the real estate industry had to offer and soon began to learn how so many of her qualities would align with those of a successful real estate agent.

Riana is extremely personable and loves getting to meet and develop relationships with new people. She will use her competitiveness and drive to help anyone find their DREAM home. Her empathetic nature will shine through while working with her, as her ultimate goal is to make your home buying experience a great one. Riana will work tirelessly to make sure that her clients are happy, and she will always make sure that all of the work is in her hands, so that you are able to enjoy your home buying experience, rather than stress about it. Riana is very enthusiastic about her work and meeting with her clients, and she can’t wait to help you however possible to satisfy your home buying needs.