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Ryan Kelley
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Who is Ryan Kelley? Ryan Kelley is a strong-willed individual that does whatever needed to complete the task at hand. While working sixty hours a week and raising his daughter, Ryan was able to accomplish the feat of attending full time college and achieving a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management. Ryan Kelley also has an Associate's Degree in Carpentry and has over ten years of experience in the carpentry field so you can be sure that Ryan Kelley will find you the right house and be able to have a keen eye to noticing details that only a quality craftsman can spot.

Ryan Kelley has always had a love for real estate and understands and appreciates the seriousness of purchasing the right home! Although growing up out of Austin, MN and graduating as an "Awesome Blossom" in Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, at age 22, Ryan was able to purchase his first home in Rochester, MN through a contract for deed for a mere $48,000. Ryan understood the value of investing into real estate and understood the house market at a young age. After living in Rochester for the past decade, Ryan recently moved closer to the Austin area to live closer to his immediate family. Ryan still owns his Rochester home, now valued well over $100,000 and will often use it as his home office to conduct real estate business.

When Ryan Kelley can enjoy his few hours of free time, he is usually found spending time with his family. With a beautiful 14-year-old daughter loving to play hockey, he finds himself traveling southern Minnesota watching and cheering on the Austin hockey team. Ryan also likes to keep his carpentry skills sharp and will often be found doing home projects on either one of his two homes. Ryan loves to spend whatever time he has left with his friends just shooting the breeze or watching our beloved Vikings!