Attraction Spotlight: Mill City Farmer’s Market

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The Mill City Farmer’s Market is a great place to be because the owners want you to be healthy. Their mission is to nurture the community with local, organic produce. The Market is a non-profit which is funded by grants, local businesses, and foundations.

History and Background

It was founded by chef and whole foods enthusiast Brenda Langton in 2006. She partnered with the Mill City Museum to promote healthy food from local farmers. There is a large staff that makes sure the organization always runs properly.

The market is also partnered with Eureka Recycling and proud to have been the first Zero Waste Farmer’s Market in Minnesota. The do not waste anything by composting and recycling market waste. They can send things like scraps, bowls, cups, and plates to a composting facility to be turned into soil for plants to thrive.

It all makes a circle to go back into the ground. Making sure everything is compostable from the utensils made from sugar cane to the Zero Waste Stations that replace their trash cans is what makes sure their carbon footprint is very small.

There are several vendors set up at the market. The Acme Organics both can give you organic barbecue sauce that is delicious and the Amador Hill Farm guarantees you get certified organic produce. The Ames Farm offers honey, beeswax candles, and apples. ArtAndes will offer you hand woven wall hangings and rugs. Bolt Coffee and Juice Bar has fresh squeezed lemonade and Fair Trade Peace coffee for you to enjoy.

A Plethora of Vendors are Waiting

There are so many vendors and they all have different healthy things to offer you. Check out the Mill City Farmer’s Market to find healthy food and a great atmosphere. There is something for everyone at this farmer’s market.

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