4 Best Music Venues in Minneapolis, MN

4 Best Music Venues in Minneapolis, MN

How to Find the Best Music Venues in Minneapolis MNSeeing a concert in Minneapolis is a chance to get out of the house and try something a little different. No matter how good a music-lover's stereo system might be, it will never compare to the raw sounds and enthusiastic crowds to be found at the right venue. But where exactly is the right venue in this wide, wild city? Whether concert goers like rock, blues, or experimental music, these venues all get high marks for their talented musicians and customer satisfaction.

The Cedar Cultural Center

This huge non-profit venue might sound like a place to only catch the best in classical, but visitors might be surprised at the variety of acts that grace the stage. Home to both local and global acts, visitors rave about the space, sound, and talent of the musicians they catch. Putting on shows since 1989, the purpose of the venue is to promote the sounds and sights from different cultures and to encourage diversity and understanding. From jazz to rock, it won't be difficult to find a show at the Cedar Cultural Center that caters to every kind of musical taste.


Couples or individuals who want something a little more low-key should check out Honey for a basement venue that does music right. People enjoy this place for the cocktails, food, and intimate setting. Both the seating and the vibe are very informal and especially welcome to those who want to let their hair down for the night. Visitors will find a combination of live music in the early evenings followed by a DJ who keeps the party going well after midnight. It's a good spot to discover up-and-comers who might not be able to make it into the bigger venues (yet, anyway.)

First Avenue

There's something that's truly commendable about a venue that honors its past. As tastes change, it's easy for people to switch up their format at the drop of the hat. But First Avenue hit on a winning combination in the 1970s, and well, concertgoers know what they say about fixing something that isn't broken. There are multiple stages in this venue, so music lovers of all kinds can get their fix. The main stage hosts over 200 concerts a year, with the smaller venue is home to up to 350 concerts a year. Plus, the history and legends of this place are every bit as interesting as the current events on stage.

Varsity Theater

Known for its friendly staff and gorgeous decor, the Varsity Theater seems to impress practically everyone who graces its gates. Even with all of the hoopla and chaos happening as musicians take the stage among screaming fans, the service tends to be prompt and courteous. There is plenty of care and attention that goes into every detail of this place, and visitors can delight in each new discovery to be made around every corner. Believe it or not, it's their bathrooms that tend to get an excessive amount of praise.

A musician in Minneapolis doesn't always have the luxury of being picky about where they play, but thankfully, concertgoers don't have that same problem. Each venue on this list fits the bill for a different kind of night. Whether it's a romantic date night, a guy's night out, or a parental visit, these concert spots offer different ambiances, acts, and amenities, so a music-lover can get exactly what they're looking for.

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