4 Home Downsizing Tips for Moving to a Smaller Home

4 Home Downsizing Tips for Moving to a Smaller Home

How to Downsize Your Home EffectivelyWhether you are looking at an empty nest or you've decided it's time to simplify your life, a smaller house can be just what you need. The biggest problem can often be deciding what to keep, what to toss and what to do with all your stuff in the meantime. Our guide can help you make the transition less painful.

1. Start the declutter early.

It's a good idea to start shedding belongings as soon as you've made the decision to look for a smaller place. This doesn't just break the task up into smaller chunks. It can also make your house more appealing to potential buyers while you are selling. Less stuff means a cleaner place with less clutter. This will make any Brooklyn Park home look more airy and open. This appeal can make it easier for potential buyers to picture themselves and their possessions living in your home.

2. Take note of the objects you use the most.

Many of us, when we are starting to downsize, are loathe to give up items that are valuable, ones we spent a lot of money on or ones that were gifts from loved ones. This is the wrong attitude. Instead, look at the items that have personal value to you. An expensive cast iron pan, for instance, is not worth as much as its lighter counterpart if you find that its weight keeps you from using it.

Don't just take mental notes. Physically mark what you use in some way. Some people attach stickers to items they use. Others put them away in a specific cabinet for keepers. Still others make a file of photos in their phones to visually assess the possessions they use most.

3. Get rid of duplicates and "just in case" possessions.

Frugal mindsets often cause us to set items aside in case we need them later on. What if something breaks or gets lost? However, if you are downsizing, each of these set-aside items represents space that could be better used for something else. Ditch the duplicates to open up room.

This also goes for multiples of any item that you have spread throughout the house. For instance, if your house now has multiple bedrooms, you may have extra chairs, beds and dressers that are not currently in use. Keep just enough around so that your home is still hospitable to visitors, but find homes for the unnecessary items as soon as it's feasible.

4. Find meaningful homes for beloved objects.

If you are halving your living space, you may find that there are items you still hold dear that just won't fit in your new place. Consider making gifts or long term loans of them to a friend or relative who will enjoy them as much as you do. Your nephew who loves to bake, for instance, may be thrilled to take the stand mixer that you can't fit on your counter anymore or your big collection of baking pans. An art-loving niece may be willing to display a painting that you love but no longer have room for.

Careful consideration and planning can make the monumental task of paring your possessions manageable. By going through the job mindfully, you can find that you can live with less more easily than you thought. Lightening the load allows you to downsize into a place that feels cozy instead of cramped, whether you've found the perfect home in Blaine, or elsewhere near the Twin Cities.

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