4 Tips To Get A Deck or Patio You'll Love

4 Tips To Get A Deck or Patio You'll Love

Best Ways to Get a Deck You'll LoveDeck installation is a popular home upgrade because it's inexpensive and improves quality of life for nearly everyone in the house. A new deck can improve a home's value and deliver an ROI of about 70%, if properly constructed. Homeowners who would like to install a new deck on their home can ensure satisfaction with the product by choosing materials and customizations wisely, and by working with a licensed contractor. These tips can help.

Customize the Space

One of the first questions that a homeowner must ask themselves when picking a deck design for their back yard is: what will the deck be used for? Decks that are used for grilling must include space for a grill, and enough clearance around the grill that others can use the deck safely.

Carver homeowners who want to use their deck to entertain will need adequate seating for large groups of people. Perimeter seating and other built-in seating options make the deck more naturally suited for parties and large groups.

For homeowners who want to spend long hours on their deck, it's important to provide areas of shade and sun, to give anyone lounging in the backyard options. Privacy makes this space cozier and more comfortable, as well. Shade can be provided by a canvas cover, pergola with vines or by nearby overhanging trees. Privacy can be provided by screens, lattice walls with plants growing up the side and through smart placement of deck furniture.

View must also be considered when a deck is being designed. The view of the back yard or surrounding landscape from the deck can make lounging on the deck more relaxing. Therefore, homeowners must choose the best location with the best view for their deck.

Pick the Right Level of Maintenance for You

Different types of deck materials involve different levels of maintenance. While standard wood must be restained and resealed on a regular basis, composite wood decking is naturally water resistant and does not need to be restained. Homeowners who have little time to restain their deck are often attracted to composite deck materials because of the minimal maintenance required.

On the other hand, homeowners who appreciate natural materials, who like the texture and appearance of real wood, are often happier with rot-resistant wood like cedar or redwood. Homeowners who struggle to choose between composite and real wood deck material should go see examples of both material types in a show room before making their final decision.

Consider Landscaping

Deck installation can tear up a yard. Once the deck is completely put into place, homeowners must consider the landscaping and how the yard will be replanted. Installing attractive shrubs, plants and flower beds in the area around the deck can help make the view from the deck more attractive. In addition, planting a garden in the perimeter around the deck can help make the deck itself look like a more integrated part of the landscape. This should be addressed immediately after the landscape is planted.

Choose the Contractor Wisely

Working with a licensed contractor is one of the best ways to ensure a deck installation will go smoothly. If you're a homeowner hoping to install a deck this year, contact licensed contractors in your area today. A good licensed contractor should have the skills, knowledge and experience to make your backyard deck construction a success.

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