5 Signs that it’s Time to Move

You can ignore them all you want, but, like a recurring nightmare, signs that it’s time to move will keep popping up.

1. Sick of the Cold

If you’re fed up with feeling like a character in the movie “Fargo,” if you’re tired of scraping ice off the windshield and shoveling snow, you may want to sell your home and head to warmer climes.

So, if you’d rather face the prospect of human-sized bugs or man-eating alligators in your swimming pool than another bleak Minnesota winter, Florida might be a good place for you.

2. Your Wallet Squeaks

Circumstances change, whether it’s one partner leaving the work force or unexpected long-term expenses, when you find yourself stressing about your huge mortgage payment when it was previously not a concern, you may want to consider selling your home and buying one that’s less expensive.

3. You’re Considering Converting a Closet to a Bedroom

If your family is outgrowing your house, it may be time to move. If you have the space to add on a bedroom that may just be your solution -- if you’re madly in love with your current home, or its location, that is. If, on the other hand, there just isn’t anywhere to put a room and you’ve considered making one of the kids sleep in the closet, it’s time to move.

4. It Ain’t What it used to Be

If the employees at the local home improvement store know you by name, it may be time to consider selling your home. Who wants to spend every weekend working on home maintenance chores? If the amount of time you spend fixing things in the house is starting to get to you, it’s time to move. How about a newly constructed home? Give yourself a break for a decade or so.

5. Neighborhood Changes

You can’t pick your neighbors, unfortunately. If loud music, revving engines or an increase in police visits are new occurrences in your neighborhood it may be time to move. Although the problem may be caused by just one neighbor, it still might just be a sign of a neighborhood in decline. Sell, while the selling is good.

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