7 Questions Home Buyers Should be Asking

7 Questions Home Buyers Should be Asking

Home Buying Questions & Advice When you delve into the home-buying process, you will probably already have a list of questions in mind. To make sure you are getting the best deal and a house that will make a great home for you, you need to ensure that you are informed. However, there are a lot of questions people forget to ask before they make an offer on Blaine real estate. Make sure that your research includes these important home-buying questions:

1. Is the Area Walkable?

Walkability is somewhat of an abstract idea, but you will definitely want to make sure you are choosing an area that fits your needs. Don't just think in terms of the town or city - this can vary neighborhood by neighborhood. With that in mind, it's a good idea to get a feel for the area you are thinking of buying in by taking a few mornings and afternoons to walk around to see how it feels.

2. Has the House Ever had any Broken or Burst Pipes?

One in five home insurance claims are because of flooding from broken pipes. When a pipe breaks, it can result in serious water damage in hidden places, as well as mold contamination. If a home you are considering has had a burst pipe in the past, consider having a professional mold remediation expert come in to see if the home has mold.

3. How Flexible is the Seller?

Knowing whether you have some wiggle room in your offer can potentially save you thousands of dollars. The seller may also have other areas where they are flexible if they do not want to move much on price, such as taking on closing costs for the Minneapolis home, including local memberships or services and paying for repairs.

4. When was the Roof Installed?

No matter what kind of roof the home has, it will need to be replaced or fixed eventually. If the roof was replaced in the past few years, you know that it will have more time. But, if it has been a decade or more, you may need to include roofing prices into what you are willing to spend on the home.

5. What Known Problems Does the House Have?

No home is perfect. Any serious problems will come out when an inspection is done, so it pays for the seller to just be up front about what they know when you ask. Many problems are fixable, while others may be a deal breaker. Knowing in advance which sorts of problems you are dealing with can save you time and help you weed out houses that are not a good fit.

6. Why is the House Being Sold?

The seller does not have to tell you the answer to this, but many are willing to be open. Knowing why the owner wants to sell can tell you a lot about how motivated they are. If they want to get rid of the property quickly, that gives you some room to negotiate on the price.

7. Is This Home in a Flood Zone?

If a house is in a flood zone, it may be likely that you decide to get flood insurance. These policies can be very expensive and can add a lot to your monthly payments. Find out in advance how many years ago the area last flooded, what the insurance costs are, and whether you can assume the current owner's flood policy. 

When you are looking at a home in Riley Creek, or anywhere else, do not be afraid to ask many questions. A person who asks may questions is protecting his or her own interests. Additionally, it is a great idea to ask your agent if there is anything they believe you should be asking. The knowledge and perspective you gain will increase the chances of finding a home you love that doesn't come with unpleasant surprises.

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