A Few Fall Landscaping Tips For Twin Cities Home Owners

Fall Landscaping Tips For Your Twin Cities HomeOutside of the spring season where home owners have to prep their yard for all the lush greenery and vibrant colors the spring and summer seasons inevitably bring, autumn is one of the busiest times of the year for anybody who loves spending time on their yard. Along with managing all the falling leaves, it’s also important to prep your yard for the harsh Minnesota winter, which should never be taken lightly. So whether you’re one of thousands who will buy a home this fall or already happen to be a home owner in the Twin Cities area, here are a few fall landscaping tips to keep in mind as we approach the end of 2016:

Don’t Forget to Mulch, Even in the Fall

While it’s common to spread fresh mulch every spring, fall mulching can actually be better for your trees and plants, as that fresh layer helps protect roots from frost and also helps retain moisture throughout the cold ad dry winter season.

Gear Up For The Spring Early!

Although the spring season always seems so far away this time of year, if you plan ahead and start preparing early, you can definitely take advantage of some great sales from stores looking to unload all their landscaping inventory. And as long as you act before the ground freezes, the fall can actually be a great time to put in new shrubs and trees, as the colder weather and autumn rain can put much less stress on younger plants. So get out to your local nursery this fall and save some money in the process.

Wrap & Protect New Plants

If you’re someone who already lives in the Twin Cities, you don’t need us to tell you that winters here can be pretty rough to say the least; and that’s especially why wrapping younger plants is always recommend to help shield them from the harsh and often snowy conditions. Surrounding small tress with shredded leaves is an option, or for tiny plants, simply put a plastic pot or bucket over the top in order to completely protect them all season long.

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