A Guide to Common Flooring Types

A Guide to Common Flooring Types

Common Flooring Types: A GuideFinding the right flooring type matters for commercial applications due to durability and safety, but for homeowners the right flooring type is also very important. But what should a homeowner choose? That depends on several factors. What the homeowner likes is important, of course, but also what has the highest long-term value. What is popular in the area may also be chosen, especially if the homeowner is expecting to sell the house anytime soon. In that case the flooring would be more likely to be put in based on what a buyer would probably like, instead of what the homeowner would choose. Considering different kinds of flooring matters. Here are the types that are most popular.

Carpet is Among the Most Common Options

Despite the other types of flooring offered, carpet is still one of the most common choices for homeowners. This is based on two different reasons. First, there is a lower cost with most carpet than there is with other types of flooring options. Second, carpet offers a number of color and style choices, along with a warm, cozy feel that is not possible with wood, tile, or other options. Not everyone likes this or feels the need to spend less on their flooring, but for those who do, carpet is by far the most likely and significant choice. Many people will select it.

Many People Choose Hardwood Flooring

People who either do not like carpet or who would prefer something that is easier to keep clean may select hardwood. It can provide a warm look to a home, and is often popular with people who have pets. Cats and dogs can damage carpet, and it can collect odors from them, too. But this does not happen nearly as easily with hardwood. Still, this type of flooring is not for everyone. It can be cooler, and in colder climates people may feel that it costs too much to heat the house if there is hardwood flooring present. But the options for color, grain, and style of hardwood are improving, and people who want a more upscale or elegant look will often select hardwood as their flooring of choice in their Hame Lake home.

Tile Can Be Popular in Certain Locations

Not everyone likes tile for their floors, but in some areas of the country it is a much more popular choice. For example, in areas where there is a lot of sand and humidity, such as South Florida or anywhere along a beach, tile floors are more common than in inland locations or areas of the country where the weather is colder. Tile is very easy to clean, and it is difficult to scratch. It does not hold sand or dampness the way carpet will, and hardwood can scratch relatively easily when sand is rubbed across it frequently. With that in mind, tile can be the right choice for a number of homeowners who are concerned about protecting their flooring choice from the elements.

Basement Floors

Many floors such as tile and laminate floors do not last long in basements due to hydrostatic pressure. Everlast Epoxy Natural Stone is a great solution to moisture coming up through concrete floor.

Are There Other Flooring Choices to Consider?

Most people focus on carpet, tile, and hardwood, but there are some other choices, in a way. Softer wood floors are possible, along with area rugs, carpet squares, linoleum, and stick-down “tile” that is made from a type of plastic. These are not as popular with most homeowners, but they are quite common in some types of homes and some price points. With that in mind, though, the majority of homeowners will choose carpet, hardwood, or tile flooring—or a combination of the three—for their homes, whether they are having a house built or remodeling the one they currently have.

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