A Look at 3 Minnesota Towns That Offer Home Buyers a Scenic Setting

If you appreciate a scenic outdoor setting that’s full of pine trees, pristine lakes, dense forests, and even some rolling meadows mixed in between, chances are you’ll love calling Minnesota home, even during our cold and snowy winters.

Nicknamed the ‘Land of 10,000 Lakes,’ outdoor recreation, regardless of season, is part of the lifestyle and local culture, and if you’re lucky enough to capture Minnesota’s natural beauty from the confines of your own home, it makes living here that much better.

But with so many fabulous cities and towns that all have something unique to offer, just where might be the best place to begin a home search? Well, if a scenic setting truly tops your wish list of demands, here are a few good places to consider:


Situated right alongside the shores of Lake Superior, some of Duluth’s most expensive homes offer insane views of the water, which is why it tops our list. And when you also factor in the charm and character of downtown Duluth, along with a picturesque setting of its own, why not give it a closer look?

Beaver Bay

Also situated along Lake Superior, Beaver Bay is about 51 miles north of Duluth, making it the perfect spot for anyone looking for a serene country setting and plenty of peace and quiet. Most homes for sale in Beaver Bay are pretty affordable, even when it comes to houses perched up on the lakefront.

Grand Marais 

Grand Marais is a bustling small town that’s artsy, laid-back, and a great place to begin a home search that provides a scenic setting. Also situated just off Lake Superior, cabins of all shapes and sizes are what you’ll want to keep on eye on in Grand Marais, especially if you can find one that’s pushed right up against the gorgeous lakefront.

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