A Quick Look at the Proposed Wayzata Blu Condo Development

The development of Wayzata Blu would no doubt change the landscape of a fairly prominent corner in downtown Wayzata, but in turn would also add a fresh new look and feel this part of town, not to mention 17 high-end condo units that would likely be pretty sought-after by anybody in the market for an sweet new place to live. 

In short, Wazata Blu is a proposed three-story mixed-use building that, as mentioned, would include 17 condos and also space for a number of offices on the building’s street level. If approved, however, development of Wazata Blu would require the demolition of three existing commercial buildings, which currently house three long-running Wayata businesses: Barbers Inn, Candlelight Floral, and Judd Frost Clotheiers. 

Opponents of the project are wondering whether retail space should be included rather than offices, but given the specific location of the development site, which sits just a bit further outside of the heart of downtown, others feel office space gives potential new tenants a much stronger chance for success. 

Some locals have also voiced concerns about more condos being delivered to the Wayzata market, a property-type that could attract more snow birds and eventually lead to more businesses suffering when condo owners migrate to Florida or Arizona during the winter months. 

Back in December, another condo development called Meyer Place was also approved for 105 E. Lake Street, which will include 21 more condo units. 

As of now, Wayzata Blu hasn’t been given the green light from the city, but going strictly off the rendering Gatehouse Properties released, it’s hard to argue against the stylish new design of the potential project, which from Minneapolis-based ESG Architects. 

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