Are you Ready for a Disaster in Minnesota?

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Disaster can strike at any time with the unpredictable winter weather. When you live in Minnesota, it's important to be prepared. You could become stuck in a snowbank or something much worse. Here are some of the ways you can prepare for a potential weather emergency.

Download a Winter Weather Survival App

There are many free and cheap winter weather survival apps you can download. The app will help you with preparation checklists, finding shelter and more. One of the best choices is the Winter Survival Kit App.

Prepare your vehicle

You need to winterize your car or truck or you could end up stuck when you really don't want to be. Make sure the vehicle is running well and check the antifreeze, heater, defrost and other systems. You may even want to get winter tires to help with driving. You may also need help soundproofing your car for quieter operation during winter months. Check out these bad weather driving tips

Create a Home and Car Survival Kit

You never know when a winter storm may knock out the power. You want to have a survival kit ready at home and in your car. Some of the things to include are:

  • A Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Candles and Matches
  • Non-Perishable Foods
  • Bottled Water
  • Emergency Radio with Cell Phone Charger
  • Prescription Medication
  • First-aid Supplies
  • Pet Food
  • Diapers

You may want to duplicate the same kit as you use at home for your car.

Prepare to Dig Yourself Out

Your car could get stuck and you need to be ready to dig it out. Keep a snow shovel, road torches, sand (or kitty litter) and winter gloves in your trunk. If you get stuck, you can use the road flares to melt snow behind your tires, the sand or kitty litter for traction and you can use the shovel to dig yourself out, if necessary.

Being prepared can make a huge difference when bad weather strikes. Put together your emergency kits and make sure you are ready.

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