4 Awesome Places to Ski Near Minneapolis, Minnesota

5 Excellent Ski Resorts Near Minneapolis, MinnesotaWhen people want to go skiing near Minneapolis, MN, they have many excellent options to consider. Here are just four places to consider for ski adventures.People who are looking for a great place to go skiing around Minneapolis, Minnesota, have quite a wide variety of choices. In fact, there are so many awesome places to ski, choosing one can prove incredibly difficult. To easily narrow down their options, ski enthusiasts must look at the experiences offered at each location to see where they can enjoy all their favorite activities. This guide aims to help by providing a peek at four awesome places to ski near Minneapolis.

Buck Hill

At Buck Hill, people can go skiing, snowboarding and tubing on their purpose-built trails. As this resort has been open since the mid-1950s, families have long made it tradition to spend their winters traversing the various trails found here. At the end of each run, multiple chairlifts and surface tows bring everyone back up the ski hill for another round of fun. Throughout the snowy season, they have day and night skiing events that keep everyone having a great time.

Hyland Hills Ski Area

The newly-renovated Hyland Hills Ski Area gives people a place to practice their skiing skills and have a great time with family and friends. They have 11 different trails across three difficulty levels plus two freestyle terrain runs. They keep the slopes well maintained to ensure everyone has an awesome experience during their visit. Visitors can choose between a variety of fun activities, including:

  • Skiing
  • Ski jumping
  • Snowboarding
  • Snowshoeing

This Minnesota ski resort even has a number of skiing and snowboarding clubs for kids and adults to join.

Afton Alps

At Afton Alps, visitors can explore more than 50 amazing trails across their 300 acre property. As the staff regularly groom the mountainside, they perfect the skiing and snowboarding experience for their guests. Visitors can take lessons to improve their skills on the slopes or simply work their way through the beginner to advanced trails. Four surface lifts and 18 chairlifts help everyone easily move across the landscape as they seek fun and adventure at every turn.

Spirit Mountain

With its grand opening in 1974, Spirit Mountain became a premier ski resort near Minneapolis, Minnesota. This ski area boasts 22 extensive trails that move through 700 feet of elevation changes. They also have a large terrain park with many fun obstacles, including:

  • Jumps
  • Rails
  • Boxes

They even have a super pipe that gives guests a chance to master amazing tricks and maneuvers on their skis and snowboards. In addition to skiing, this resort offers ample opportunities to go racing down the tubing hills on a well-cushioned inner tube. Upon reaching the bottom, they just have to take the tube lift back up to the top to try again.

Each of these ski resorts offer visitors an experience unlike any other. They each strive to go above and beyond in helping their visitors enjoy all their favorite winter activities. Visiting each one can help ski enthusiasts find their perfect resorts and always have an awesome time on the slopes.

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