Best Art Galleries in Minneapolis, MN

Top Minneapolis MN Art Galleries to VisitFrom contemporary artists who specialize in modern installments to sculptors who use clay to create their masterpieces, Minneapolis is home to a diverse range of artists. Both residents and visitors could spend days in the city exploring the various art galleries and learning more about the artists who currently have residency at those galleries.

These are some of the best art galleries in Minneapolis:

Northern Clay Center

The Northern Clay Center is an art gallery in Minneapolis that features ceramic artists. From contemporary artists who create ceramic pieces with a modern twist to those who specialize in ceramic architecture, there's a wide variety of styles and features that are displayed at this gallery. In addition to offering display space for rotating ceramic artists, this gallery also offers a variety of community engagement programs. Young families can bring their children to learn the basics of ceramic art, while adults can participate in instructional classes. The Northern Clay Center opened in 1990 and has become an integral part of the Minneapolis art scene.

Minneapolis Institute of Art

The Minneapolis Institute of Art is the most notable art gallery in Minneapolis, as it hosts exhibits from artists around the world. This art museum boasts a collection of more than 90,000 different works of art. These works of art range from ancient creations that date back about 5,000 years to modern installments that were created within the last several years. There are permanent exhibits on display as well as rotating galleries that feature artists from a variety of backgrounds and cultures. This museum is a wonderful way for residents and visitors to expose themselves to all types of art.

Mpls Photo Center

The Mpls Photo Center is a gallery that allows professional photographers to display their works of art. This is a member-based gallery, and those who become members are invited to share their photographs, hone their techniques and conduct workshops to help other photographers develop their skills. This art gallery is known for its rotating exhibits. There is almost always a new photographer who is featuring their work in the main gallery, and the schedule of upcoming exhibits proves that there's always something to look forward to as well. In addition to its main gallery, the Mpls Photo Center also has a large space for temporary, pop-up exhibits.

Rogue Buddha Gallery

The Rogue Buddha Gallery was established in the late 1990s in the heart of the Minneapolis arts district. This gallery specializes in contemporary art, and has earned local, national and international praise. It is unique in the sense that it strives to provide collectors with more than just a piece of decor, but rather to help people connect with art that will impact them on a daily basis. It is a welcoming gallery that works with people of all levels of interest, from first-time art investors to long-time collectors.

Art critics who are looking for the next fine piece to add to their collection will love their options in Minneapolis. Travelers who like to experience the arts and culture scene in the different cities they visit will love the galleries that they discover while visiting. There are art installations for every taste and every budget in Minneapolis, and those who are searching are sure to find the next best piece for their personal or professional space. For more information on the best places to go in Minneapolis, contact an experienced local real estate agent today.

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