Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis, MN

Best Coffee Shops in Minneapolis, MN

Great Places to Grab Coffee in MinneapolisAs most coffee lovers know well, no two cups are created equal. Those who are looking for an incredible cup of joe in Minneapolis will want to frequent one of the best coffee shops in the Twin Cities. These local establishments are sure to provide an authentic and welcoming atmosphere as well as delicious caffeinated beverages.

Five Watt Coffee

Five Watt Coffee is a local coffee company that has two locations in Minneapolis—one in South Minneapolis and another in Northeast Minneapolis. Their shops are embedded into quaint and quiet neighborhoods, allowing people to make these spots their own. The company takes pride in the fact that it roasts its own beans and brews its own coffee blends, and the hard work pays off. People come from across town to enjoy their traditional drinks as well as their specialty menu items, such as the Big Easy or the Kingfield.

Vicinity Coffee

Another local coffee company based in Minneapolis, Vicinity Coffee not only offers unique coffee drinks but also provides people with a place to relax and connect with one another. It has two locations in the city, one in the Kingfield neighborhood and another in the Carag neighborhood. This coffee company is known for its small batches of beans that are roasted on-site, ultimately providing customers with the freshest cup of coffee possible. It is famous for specialty drinks such as the iced Bahn 9, and people also rave about their endless array of pastries.

The Cafe Meow

Perhaps the most unique coffee shop in town, The Cafe Meow is not only a place to get a steaming cup of coffee but also a new best friend. A combination of a cat rescue and a coffee shop, this business provides customers with a chance to interact with cats that are available for adoption. The coffee shop serves locally-sourced coffee and bakery treats for those who are coming to pet the adorable cats and kittens that reside there. Customers need to purchase a ticket to spend time with the cats, and reservations are recommended.

Penny's Coffee

Penny's Coffee is the place to be in Minneapolis for those who enjoy coffee all day long. This coffee shop serves artisanal coffee blends and specialty drinks while also offering a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. There are two locations in the city, one in Downtown Minneapolis and another in the Linden Hills neighborhood. People flock to this coffee shop not only for its locally-sourced products and delicious roasts, but also for the stylish, sleek atmosphere that can be discovered within both locations in the city.

Those who need a caffeine fix in Minneapolis won't have to go far in order to get their favorite coffee drink. These are just a few of the local coffee shops that residents rave about and visitors make it a point to experience during their stay.

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