Best Golf Courses in Blaine

Best Golf Courses in Blaine, MN

For some people, golf is more than just an occasional Saturday morning activity or thing to do: it is a way of life. For these individuals, selecting a new home will also involve an analysis of the available golf courses in the area. While the Twin Cities may not instantly remind people of golfing, it does, in fact, contain some beautiful and challenging courses—many of which have nearby golf course homes for sale for the truly dedicated golfer. For avid golfers, the following three golf courses in Blaine, Minnesota are quality venues to discover.

TPC Twin Cities

Address: 11444 Tournament Players Parkway, Blaine, MN 55449

TPC Twin Cities claims to be the only private PGA Tour property in Minnesota. The course was designed by Arnold Palmer himself and boasts 235 acres of visually impressive scenery. The facility is challenging for players of all skill levels, with tees ranging from professional to family-friendly. This course can be enjoyed from the first swing to the last championship.

On those days when golfing is not on one's agenda, the clubhouse at TPC Twin Cities offers a variety of dining areas, meeting rooms, and banquet spaces. Additionally, members have access to wireless internet and teleconferencing equipment. For supplies, Golf World listed TPC Twin Cities' golf shop as one of the "Top 100 Golf Shops in the U.S."

Golfers in need of improvement can benefit from the club's private and group classes, in addition to advanced teaching tools.

Victory Links Golf Course

Address: Victory Links Golf Course, 2010 105th Ave NE, Minneapolis, MN 55449

The Victory Links Golf Course is a younger facility featuring more than 400 acres of pristine prairie grass, native wildlife, and tranquil scenes. This course is designed to provide a challenge for avid golfers while creating the perfect environment for those who are learning the game. To accommodate people of all ability levels, tee boxes range from just under 3,000 yards to more than 7,000 yards. Victory Links also provides a free mobile app to assist with scoring, onsite GPS, and course flyovers.

For potential players, Victory Links offers many leagues, including the youth league for ages 10-17 that introduces kids to the sport. Senior and Veteran competitions are part of the adult leagues. The golf course is operated by the non-profit National Sports Center, and additional facilities for soccer, cycling, hockey and other sports can be found throughout the complex.

X-Golf Blaine

Address: Northtown Mall, 298 Northtown Dr NE, Blaine, MN 55434

For many people, golf is an interesting sport marred by a few drawbacks. Some players don't enjoy all the walking between holes, while others love the sport but lament the seasonal limitations. Players cannot enjoy golf in the dead of winter or the searing heat of summer. Rainy days are also out of the question. For these individuals, X-Golf Blaine may be just what they need.

X-Golf is a sports bar with cutting-edge indoor golf simulators. However, these are not the simple arcade games of yesteryear, as these simulators combine camera systems, lasers, and impact sensors to provide an unparalleled golfing experience. Because it is located inside a sports bar, X-Golf Blaine also provides a relaxing experience with good food and beverages.

This facility is perfect for parties, corporate events, and other social outings. Like many traditional golf courses, X-Golf Blaine also offers lessons, memberships, and player leagues.

Golf Opportunities for Everyone in Blaine

Fortunately for local golf lovers or those who are moving to the area, residents near Blaine, Minnesota, have a good variety of golfing opportunities to choose from. The area provides everything from the classic professional experience with beautiful outdoor scenery to high-tech indoor simulations.

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