The 4 Best Haunted Tours in Minneapolis, MN

The Best Haunted House Tours in and Around Minneapolis, MNEmbrace a new adventure by taking a haunted tour - you just might be treated to a visit from one or more ghosts and spirits. With both above and underground experiences available to the public, where are the best haunted house tours in Minneapolis?

Real Ghost Tours in Minneapolis

Address: Real Ghost Tours, 125 Southeast Main Street SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

As the self-professed 'only real ghost tour company,' Real Ghost Tours offers a unique interactive experience for guests seeking haunted spots. However, this isn't the average experience or boring history lesson, but rather a highly researched underground, indoor and outdoor dramatization based on actual people, events and the spirits that have been seen here.

A combination of a historic structure and natural caverns, the tour takes place where the long-gone Spirit Island once stood. Mysterious things were witnessed here and in the caves. To this very day, people report hearing a ghost train even though no tracks are found here. This outing that won't disappoint.

First Avenue

Address: First Avenue, 701 North 1st Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55403

As a fully functioning live music venue and eatery that remains open and apparently haunted, First Avenue is a favorite hotspot for residents and guests in Minneapolis. It also seems to be a popular hangout for quite a few spirits. DJs in the VIP room report strange sounds in their headsets, and a lady in a green jacket seems to make random appearances. So, stop in for a game of pool, some food and be prepared to feel numerous presences of the dearly departed here.

Wabasha Street Caves

Address: Wabasha Street Caves, 215 Wabasha Street South, Saint Paul, MN 55107

A popular destination for weddings and events, the Wabasha Street Caves in nearby Saint Paul have a storied history filled with ghosts and mischievous entities. Those who want to explore the lovely caves just might encounter shadowy figures and full-fledged manifestations. Wandering about is a man in a Panama-style hat, and performers in the caves have seen apparitions watching the show.

Others report seeing a man and woman meet up at around 3 a.m. At a wedding at the location, a child claimed to have seen some male ghosts, and photos from the event seem to support his claims. Even if visitors aren't treated to a spirit sighting, the caves themselves are stunning. Tours are available when events are not in progress.

Thayer's Historic Bed n Breakfast

Address: Thayer's Historic Bed n Breakfast, 60 Elm Street West, Annandale, MN 55302

Quite a few friendly ghosts are spotted at Thayer's Historic Bed n Breakfast in Annandale, MN. The Thayer couple are purportedly still guarding the hotel, along with the living owner. Thumping footsteps can sometimes be heard in the hallway. Book a room for a night or two, and enjoy the companionship of these guests from the past.

If you're looking for haunts during Halloween besides the routine spooky house, these options are sure to delight.

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