Best Landscaping Changes to Make When Selling Your Home

Best Landscaping Changes to Make When Selling Your Home

Landscaping Upgrades to Help In Selling a HomeYour home's landscaping is an important feature that can improve your home's curb appeal and attract buyers. Making improvements to your landscaping before putting your home up for sale is one strategy that can lead to better offers when the home goes on the market.

Address Deferred Maintenance

Deferred maintenance such as overgrown pathways, broken fences and dead shrubs can detract from your landscaping to make your home less attractive to home buyers. Handling deferred maintenance before putting your home on the market can help you sell your home.

Install a Pathway

Pathways can make it easier for home buyers to explore and navigate your property. Pathways can also cover up problems like mud and areas where grass is difficult to grow. To install a pathway in your yard, dig up any plant life on the ground, level the soil, then lay flat stones on the ground. Fill the cracks between the stones with sandy soil.

Fill Bare Lawns

Lawns devoid of shrubbery and trees, common in newly constructed developments, can seem bare and uninviting. Break up large bare expanses by planting healthy trees or shrubs. Consider building a small retaining wall on sloped areas of the lawn to create a garden bed. Use decorative stones to make the garden bed more attractive, and drape the wall with trailing plants to add an artistic flair.

Plant Annuals

Colorful flowers are attractive to buyers much like a fresh coat of paint when they walk inside. Remove old, overgrown or scraggly plants, then plant bushy, healthy annual flowers on your property. When selecting annuals for your landscaping, choose flowers that are varied in color. Keep them watered throughout the growing season to ensure lush growth.

Consult With a Real Estate Professional

Working with a real estate professional as you prepare your home to go on the market can help you boost your home's value. Two or three months before putting your home up for sale, contact your real estate professional to find out what kind of improvements can be done to make your Maple Grove home more appealing for buyers in the area. Your real estate agent can make suggestions that will boost curb appeal and improve your home's over all value.

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