Best Lunch Spots in Minneapolis, MN

Best Lunch Spots in Minneapolis, MN

Most Popular Lunch Spots in Minneapolis MNWhile Americans may put more of their time and attention into the last meal of the day, few things are more satisfying than an unexpectedly good lunch. Whether it's a stressful workday or a special occasion, it helps to know where to go in Minneapolis, MN to enjoy a flavorful and fun mid-day treat. This city has been slowly climbing the ranks in the eyes of foodies everywhere, making it easier for city dwellers and visitors alike to enjoy the food they crave. For those on their third straight day of leftovers, it's time to think outside the lunchbox by trying these tried and true lunch spots.

Revival Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has been described as the ultimate comfort food, but this lunch spot is so popular it might not have the traditional relaxing atmosphere associated with comfort food when first walking in the doors. Instead, prepare to be energized and delighted by a hectic lunch spot that serves up plate after plate of some of the best Southern cooking in the state. Diners can find the ever-popular Tennessee hot chicken here alongside a variety of other classics like sweet tea and grits. While the atmosphere may be casual, the chefs are serious about their food. Revival Fried Chicken usually has a waiting list, but it's worth braving the line when only Southern comfort can make the stressful morning fade into memory.

Cafe Alma

For a more trendy eating experience, Cafe Alma gives its diners a little style with their lunch specials. Dishes like Spicy Roasted Shrimp Tostadas, Grilled Lamb Burgers, and mushroom tartine serve as a bit of a departure from the everyday fare and let diners explore foods they may not have tried before. Plus, diners are impressed with the fresh seasonal menu and the quality of the service. Not only are the staff happy to help with a variety of requests (e.g., dietary restrictions, etc.), but they're also have a deep understanding of all the ingredients on the menu.

Red Cow

When only a big, juicy burger with all the extras will do, Red Cow should be the number one destination when noon rolls around. Hip but unpretentious, this spot is beloved for its burger and beer selection (not to mention its cheese curds.) Try a burger made with 60% beef and 40% bacon with a craft brew and an order of poutine. Those who would prefer something a little lighter can try a bison or veggie burger with their ahi tuna crisps. Even the most skeptical of visitors tend to leave Red Cow feeling impressed with the flavor combinations and clever tweaks to a traditional burger menu.

Hell's Kitchen

This place was designed for people with big appetites and even bigger imaginations. As the name implies, the restaurant has a bit of an underground flair that can make a patron feel as though they've stumbled upon something just a bit outside the normal realm. The presentation of their plates and drinks make the perfect photo opportunities for those looking for a memorable lunch. Open from the break of dawn to well past dark, this happening spot has been known to host some of the best musical acts in Minneapolis on the weekends.

Minneapolis MN has plenty of places to eat lunch, but these places elevate eating to the next level. The next time a craving rolls around, it's time to seek out the best of the best for a truly gratifying dining experience.

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