Minneapolis Lakes: Top 4 Places For Waterfront Living

Best Minneapolis Lakes for Waterfront Living

Researchers have learned in recent years that living next to water can reduce stress levels and reduce the risk of certain health concerns. It makes sense, then, that lakefront property would be coveted real estate in a city like Minneapolis, MN. Minneapolis has 13 different lakes within the city limits, some of which encompass hundreds of acres in surface area. Lakefront properties in Minneapolis provide spectacular views, health benefits, and a quality of life that is a cut above some other types of neighborhoods. Keep reading to discover some of the best lakes in Minneapolis for lakefront property.

Lake Minnetonka

Lake Minnetonka is located just 15 miles west of Minneapolis. The lake has 110 acres of shoreline and is surrounded by several suburban communities, including the city of Excelsior, Minnetrista, the Mound community, the city of Orono, the city of Shorewood, Spring Park, and the town of Wayzata. With 14,528 acres of surface area, the lake is large enough to play host to sailboat competitions and major ice fishing tournaments. There are extensive beaches and parks for residents to enjoy along the lake as well. There are numerous public and private marinas in the area for residents to dock their boats year-round. Fishing is prevalent on Lake Minnetonka, with a wide variety of fish species available to challenge anglers. Many locals claim there are some landlocked sturgeon in the lake which have grown to more than 10 feet in length.

There are homes around Lake Minnetonka to suit virtually any budget. Seasonal cabins can be found for as little as $250,000 in some cases. Townhomes near the water typically range from $350,000 to $700,000. Luxurious multi-story lakefront homes on the market might sell for anywhere between $2.25 million and $3.6 million.

Uptown Lakes: Cedar Lake & Bde Maka Ska

Cedar Lake is located in uptown (northwest) Minneapolis, right at the edge of the city limits. The lake has a fishing pier available for the public, as well as walking paths, several nearby hiking trails, a picnic and grill area, and a canoe launch. Anglers primarily catch northern pike, muskie, and bass from the pier. The lake got its name from the forests of red cedar trees that surrounded it back when this part of Minneapolis was first settled. Homes around Cedar Lake sell between a range of $1.25 million and $2.35 million, depending on their proximity to the water.

Bde Maka Ska ("White Earth Lake" in the Dakota language), one of Minneapolis' most popular lakes, is located just southeast of Cedar Lake in uptown Minneapolis. It's slightly larger than Cedar Lake and surrounded by a 518-acre park. There is a boat dock and a fishing pier at Bde Maka Ska, and residents can rent canoes, boats, kayaks, and paddleboards to enjoy the water. There are three large public use beaches around the lake for residents to take advantage of during the summer months. Lakefront condos near Bde Maka Ska generally range from $250,000 to $750,000. Lakefront homes near the water can approach nearly $2 million on the higher end.

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Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake is located just west of the Minneapolis city limits. The lake itself is called Medicine Lake, and there is also a small community known as Medicine Lake. A small peninsula juts out into the lake from the southern shore, and the municipality of Medicine Lake is on that tiny peninsula. The rest of the town is surrounded by the city of Plymouth. Since the entire peninsula is on such a narrow strip of land, virtually every home in the Medicine Lake community is considered lakefront property.

West Medicine Lake Park is a waterfront area available for boating and swimming during the warmer months. A smaller park, known as East Medicine Lake Park, has hiking trails and a public beach. On the far north shore of the lake is the Clifton E. French Regional Park, which has two public boat launches and a large public beach. Homes on the peninsula of Medicine Lake are usually valued between $350,000 and $1.75 million.

Prior Lake

Boats on Minneapolis LakePrior Lake is the largest lake in the southern Minneapolis metro area, and it actually consists of two lakes: Lower Prior Lake and Upper Prior Lake. The town of Prior Lake, located about 20 miles south of Minneapolis, hugs the shoreline of these two lakes. The town of Prior Lake has several smaller lakes within the city limits as well, including Haas Lake, Mystic Lake, and Arctic Lake. The Mystic Lake Casino Hotel is a popular local destination in Prior Lake because it attracts A-list concerts and comedy shows on a regular basis.

Fishing, boating, and other water sports are extremely popular on Lower and Upper Prior Lake during the warmer months. The two lakes encompass more than 11,000 acres of surface area. When the lakes freeze over in the winter, snowmobiling becomes the main sport on the lake. With a population of fewer than 30,000 residents, Prior Lake provides a rural feel despite being just minutes away from Minneapolis. Lakefront homes near Lower and Upper Prior Lake can sell in the $2 to $3 million range. There are a number of undeveloped lots on the market as well. A 4-acre undeveloped lot right on the edge of the lake might sell in the $2.5 million range.

A Lakefront Lifestyle Awaits in Minneapolis

There are so many lakes in and around Minneapolis that it is possible to obtain a lakefront property on virtually any budget. Minnesotans are very much accustomed to living a "lakefront lifestyle," from boating during the warmer months to ice fishing in the winter. Anyone considering a lakefront property in or around Minneapolis will be pleased to know that there are many possibilities available. Looking for the perfect lake home? Find out what questions homebuyers should ask before buying lakefront property and the best purchases for lake houses.

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