Bike-Friendly Neighborhoods in Minneapolis: Easy Access to Grand Rounds Byway, Minnehaha Parkway, and Other Local Bike Trails

Bike-Friendly Neighborhoods in Minneapolis

Minneapolis is a city with so much to offer—from great restaurants for the foodies among us, locally-owned stores for the shopaholics, theaters and music venues for art lovers, and plenty of historical attractions for the history buffs. This city also has an abundance of opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts. There are lakes for kayaking, beaches to soak up the sun, and parks for the perfect picnic. Minneapolis is also a haven for bikers. Many neighborhoods in Minneapolis are not only beautiful and affordable but also provide easy access to bike trails. Whether you’re looking for a house that fulfills your urban fantasies or you want to find your suburban dream home, you can find the perfect place for you that also has plenty of options for picturesque bike rides around dreamy Lake Nokomis or the spectacular Grand Rounds Scenic Byway. For any cycling aficionado, there is no shortage of neighborhoods to choose from in Minneapolis to make all of your biking and home-owning dreams come true. 


At the southeastern edge of Minneapolis rests the beautiful neighborhood of Wenonah. This is a wonderful place for residents to take advantage of the endless amenities Wenonah has to offer, like shopping centers and well-rated public schools. Wenonah also offers its inhabitants an excellent range of bike trails. As a Wenonah resident, you can easily bike all the way from your home to Lake Nokomis to find the Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway. Additionally, Morris Park in the Wenonah area also has excellent bike trails, as well as baseball and softball fields and grills for outdoor celebrations and get-togethers. Wenonah is a safe community that takes pride in its focus on being small-business friendly, and there is plenty of community engagement that comes as a result of that investment. Homes in this residential area are typically quite affordable, with prices ranging from around $180K to $500K. The average home in Wenonah is valued at around $330K.


For its inhabitants, the neighborhood of Hale in the Minneapolis area is a residential dream. Ranked #1 for “Best Neighborhoods to Buy a House in Minneapolis,” this is a suburban fantasy for those looking to own homes in a safe, community-minded, quiet neighborhood with a unique range of stunning architectural styles for you to choose from. Hale also offers great outdoor opportunities for its residents. A biker will never get bored when they can cycle from their front door to the Minnehaha Parkway and Lake Nokomis, which are conveniently located right next to Hale. There, you will find miles of trails for biking – or even hiking or walking if you are so inclined. You could never get bored of the outdoor opportunities available to you if you make the move to Hale. In this neighborhood, the average home is listed for around $473K with a range starting from $300K to about $900K. 

Best Minneapolis Bike Trails

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Linden Hills

You will be hard pressed to find a more perfect aquatic haven than the Linden Hills neighborhood, which is bordered by Lake Harriet and Bde Maka Ska, two of the most popular lakes in Minneapolis. This beautiful neighborhood claims cute cafés, trendy boutiques, and relics of Minneapolis’ 1920s historical beginnings. If you’re a fan of a good bike ride, Linden Hills is the perfect place for you. There are nearly three miles of pedestrian bike lanes at Lake Harriet for you to cycle along and take a casual tour of the stunning architecture still preserved in Linden Hills to this day. In the summer, you can also rent bikes and hang out on the lakeside beaches, where other Linden Hills residents may be playing in the sand, floating by on canoes, or soaking up the sun. For members of this neighborhood, the Linden Hills Farmers Market is a huge draw, and you can stop here after a morning bike ride for fresh produce before hitting the one of the many indie bookstores or a delicious local restaurant for brunch. This safe, secure, walkable neighborhood has easy access to downtown Minneapolis. Everyone, and especially cyclists, can find an idyllic environment in Linden Hills. Homes in this neighborhood start as low as $170K and can go up to $2M, with a median price of approximately $600K. 


As one of the Minneapolis area’s most popular neighborhoods, Lyndale offers an urban, electric feel perfect for residents of all ages. You’ll never be short of entertainment options in Lyndale. This area has a wonderful selection of breweries, live music venues, restaurants of every cuisine, vintage shops, and even old-school arcades. For the cyclists among us, you won’t be short of options to satisfy your bicycling cravings. This bike-friendly neighborhood is home to Erik's Bike Shop, a local store where you can find anything you require as a biker, from accessories to apparel to repairs – or even stop in to buy yourself a new ride. Many have called this neighborhood a “Biker’s Paradise.” There are also plans and incentives in the area such as Liveable Lyndale, which aims to make areas of Lyndale even more bike-friendly in the coming years. This community is committed to making Lyndale a safe and enjoyable place to ride your bike. Homes in this urban paradise average at $270K with a range from about $160K to $1.6M, meaning there are plenty of affordable options for potential buyers. 


Situated just southwest of the downtown core, Cedar-Isles-Dean is located within the larger neighborhood of Calhoun-Isles. Residents of this neighborhood can enjoy a home surrounded by lakes, parks, and miles of trail to hike and bike to your heart’s content. Besides easy access to libraries, grocery stores, and entertainment options, those searching for the perfect bike ride can make their way to Lake Calhoun and Bde Maka Ska, the Urban Greenway, and the Grand Rounds Scenic Byway for picture-perfect bike rides where you can enjoy the beauty of the natural world. This neighborhood has everything for those who still want an urban feel but don’t want to sacrifice scenic beauty or access to bike trails. Although the median cost for a house in this area is $703K, some Cedar-Isles-Dean homes can start from as low as $186K and go up to $4.5M, so there are a range of options for any budget. 

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