5 Best Bowling Alleys in Minneapolis, MN

Best Minneapolis, Minnesota Bowling AlleysWhether it is hot outside or raining cats and dogs, bowling is a great way to spend the day performing an indoor activity in Minneapolis. While sending ball after ball down the lanes, everyone can try to beat their high scores and perfect their technique. In between games, people can fill up on tasty food and drinks, chat with friends, and watch league events. But where are the best spots to go bowling in Minneapolis, Minnesota?

Town Hall Lanes

Address: Town Hall Lanes, 5019 South 34th Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55417

With their 1950s aesthetic and ten well-maintained lanes, Town Hall Lanes is definitely a sweet spot for bowling and more. They allow walk-in visitors to rent each lane by the hour and offer shoe rentals in various sizes. Additionally, Town Hall Lanes allows guests to reserve several lanes for private parties during their open hours. From September through April, they open their doors to league events, which can take up quite a few of the lanes. In addition to their bowling alley, Town Hall Lanes has a full service restaurant and bar where they even brew their own beer.


Address: Elsie's, 729 Marshall Street Northeast, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Elsie's is another one-stop shop for a delicious dinner and drinks along with hours of bowling. With more than a dozen automatic lanes onsite, there is more than enough room for everyone to play a few games. Elsie's regularly hosts league team practices and competitions, plus they offer open bowling times for the public. Depending on what day it is, they charge per game, per person, or by the hour. They also have affordable shoe rentals for those who do not have their own pair.

Texa-Tonka Lanes

Address: Texa-Tonka Lanes, 8200 Minnetonka Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55426

For over 30 years, Texa-Tonka Lanes has served as a prime place to go bowling every day of the week. They have 24 pristine lanes that automatically score each throw to help every group find the winner. Guests can enjoy the game on their own, with friends and family, or alongside their team. League practices and competitions are frequent sights through the spring and fall seasons. To keep everyone well-fed while they have a blast, this alley has a full-service bar and grill with plenty of awesome specials.

Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater

Address: Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater, 810 West Lake Street, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55408

To step into yesteryear and enjoy vintage bowling at its finest, everyone can head over to Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater. They have eight lanes open to the public that have retained their old-fashioned look and feel through the years. The experience even includes manual pen and paper scoring stations. Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater allows visitors to walk in and see if any lanes are open or reserve their spot ahead of time. If all the lanes are full, visitors can check out a show in their 85-seat theater or grab scrumptious food to go.

New Hope Bowl

Address: New Hope Bowl, 7107 42nd Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55427

Although New Hope Bowl has been a favorite for over 50 years, they have done all they can to keep up with the times. Their alley has been repeatedly renovated to keep the surface pristine and add high-tech equipment to the mix. They offer open bowling times year-round and host league events as needed to keep the teams practicing and competing. On Saturday nights, they open the doors for moonlight bowling to bowlers age 21 and up.

With a visit to all these awesome bowling alleys in Minneapolis, Minnesota, everyone can find their favorite spots. Then, they can create a standing invitation for their friends, family, and neighbors to join them for a game or two each week.

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