Brewery Spotlight: American Sky Beer


American Sky Beer is a brewery in Hudson that you have to check out. It just started in 2011 by Greg and Molly Harris as the Hudson Brewing Company LLC before changing their name in 2013 to American Sky Brewing Co. it started in 2002 when Molly’s stepfather was brewing beer at home for ten years and taught Greg how to do it.

They created a beer called the Tailgunner Gold and in the fall of 2003, father-in-law Run L. Fronk passed away leaving his home-brewing equipment to Greg. They turned their passion into the American dream inspired by the American spirit of brewing craft beer.

American Sky beers are now sold and served in bottles and on draft since 2012 in western WI counties including liquor stores, bars and restaurants. Here is a closer look at American Sky Beer brewing co.

About the brewery

The brewery offers a taproom called The Hangar for sampling their delicious brews. Stop in to the taproom or try their beers from liquor stores, restaurant and bars in the eleven western WI counties. You’ll find them on draft and in bottles.

The owners have honored their grandfathers by naming one of their brews the Tailgunner. You’ll notice the brewery has a passion brewing, the spirit and heroism of the US military aviation and an inspiration and mission to share both with the public.

What to expect

The brewery is located at 1510 Swasey Road in Hudson. Their hours include 4pm-9pm on Wednesday and Thursday, 2pm-10pm on Fridays, noon until 10pm on Saturdays and noon until 4pm on Sundays. You’ll notice the walls covered in military and aviation themed art like black-framed photographs of the past and current veterans.

The U-shaped bar looks great with the décor and it’s made of riveted aluminum like it’s been pulled from a plane. There are six taps going at all times including three flagships and three seasonal beers or “Bomber Series.” The tasting room or the Hangar, offers weekly specials. Try a pint, a flight, fill a growler and live to live music, watch the game or play some games like trivia and table top games.

Check out the aviation-themed taproom at American Sky Beer in Hudson.

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