Choosing a Home Security System: What Homeowners Can Do to Protect Their Homes

Choosing a Home Security System: What Homeowners Can Do to Protect Their Homes

How to Choose a Home Security SystemThere are many home security systems on the market. The range of options available make it difficult to come to a final decision. Not all security systems are the same and some companies do not put customers first. They may offer instead unfriendly contracts and high-pressure sales tactics. Home security systems available include basic home security systems to more advanced systems, with motion sensors, fire and carbon monoxide detectors and home automation features that can be connected via smart home technology. This leaves homeowners in a quandary as to which option best fits their budget and their security needs. Learn more about what to consider before purchasing a home security system today.

Look for Complaints

This area of home technology often provokes complaints in consumers. Look online on platforms such as Angie's List to see what actual consumers have to say about a specific company or product. Complaints may include being locked into long-term monitoring contracts and the use of scare tactics from company representatives.

In addition, price and quality do not always go hand in hand. There is great variation when it comes to pricing, and some low-cost companies appear to rate highly when it comes to quality. Some more expensive companies do not appear to get a high rating. Taking a look at reviews from consumers and how problems are resolved can help homeowners make a better choice when it comes to meeting their home security needs.

Reflect and Investigate

When considering a home security system, ask yourself the following questions:

What can I do to improve home security before buying a system?

Some homeowners find that adding motion-sensor lighting, quality deadbolts, secure electric shutters, window locks are the best defense in securing their home. Owning an alarm system can lead to false alarms and often requires monthly testing.

How can I choose an installer?

Before buying, get a few pricing quotes for both the installation and monitoring of a system in your Edina home. Look at Angie's List or Consumer's Checkbook to get started. A salesperson should be happy to explain how a specific security system works. Avoid being pressured into a sale. Prices can vary greatly.

Do newer companies offer the same basic features?

More players have gotten into the game but while they may allow homeowners to monitor their system with a smartphone, they may lack desirable basic functions, including that of automatic notification of the police. While new smart technology is very appealing, do not disregard the need for very basic features that should be part of any standard home security system.

Smart technology has influenced home security systems, such as with smart home security cameras, and may make for more appealing self-monitoring options. However, new companies may be lacking when it comes to online reviews. Consumers should avoid getting locked into long monitoring contracts with any home security company and should be aware that once a system is in place it is entirely possible to change to another company. Homeowners experiencing issues with their company and the service offered can always look for a replacement.

Do Home Security Systems Pay?

Homeowners are not to expect much back when it comes to home insurance premiums. A new home security system with monitoring may get a homeowner a 5 percent discount. This fails to cover the cost of even the monitoring involved in a purchase. However, the additional peace of mind may make it worthwhile to investigate some of the many options available. Keep in mind at the same time that there are many opportunities to improve home security, outside of and in addition to, buying a Minneapolis home security system.

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