Waterfront House Plans For Best Views: Luxury Lake House Design

How to Maximize Your Luxury Waterfront Views

Waterfront homes have traditionally enjoyed popularity among discerning homeowners. Whether a home is at the seashore, has lake frontage, or is situated close to a fishing stream, the proximity of water can be a formula for "the good life."

Homes with water views can also represent a unique financial investment. Waterfront homes traditionally appreciate faster than other real estate types, and because the supply is limited, all waterfront lots hold their value over time.

Waterfront property is uniquely desirable in many areas. Whether a homeowner has waterfront or water view property they wish to build on or buy a lot with an existing house in need of renovation, the planning phase should focus on maximizing the water views and creating a dwelling explicitly oriented to its site. Because planning is key to the success of such a venture, read on to learn about construction tips to maximize water views.

Where Will You Spend the Most Time?

Every home features a mix of common areas, private rooms, and special-use spaces. Beyond the essential waterfront purchases, it's how these various spaces are designed and used that can make or break a floor plan.

Each household must decide whether it's an informal great room adjacent to the kitchen, a more formal living-dining space, or a casual den/activities room, perhaps with a wet bar and pool table, that will focus on activities. Additionally, the lot's actual dimensions and topography will influence the floor plan. If, for instance, the land slopes down toward the water, it's entirely possible to design a home with sweeping views from the main floor and an upper level or create a rambling single or multi-level home with an expansive footprint and upper-level deck. In each case, the home design should incorporate the views and the lifestyle preferences of the owners.

Open Up the Floor Plan

Modern homes capitalize on open spaces. In addition to maximizing the waterfront views, an architect or residential designer might recommend minimizing walls as a way to flood interiors with natural light. That can also be accomplished using varied ceiling heights, skylights, and clerestory windows and windows placed high on exterior walls or in stairwells.

Think of the kitchen as a design-worthy space when planning a contemporary interior. Consider an old-fashioned storage room or the addition of a "butler's pantry" to minimize the need for upper cabinets and walls that surround the workspace. With attractive modern appliances and materials, there is less need to "hide" the functional components of a kitchen, and it can become the true heart of the home with a bonus of stunning views.

Emphasize Windows

Windows are an Easy Way to See the Water

The popularity of "glass walls" designed to "disappear" into adjacent wall space is an option. Still, they're not suitable for some climates or locales where screening is necessary. Even though large expanses of windows are often an excellent way to capture panoramic vistas, there are other ways to frame specific views to advantage. Consult with a knowledgeable designer, and know that automated window covering options exist and might be the answer.

Take into account where the sun rises and sets and how it traverses the sky during the day before installing a wall of fixed glass or a bank of floor-to-ceiling windows that face directly west or south. Consider seasonal heating and cooling requirements, and specify the most energy-efficient windows available to take advantage of the views and the potential cost and lasting maintenance value.

Outdoor Spaces Are a Great Investment

When building or remodeling a home with dramatic water views, pay equal attention to the outdoor spaces that can be created. Decks, luxury patios, and balconies, covered and uncovered, will serve as additional living spaces in fine weather and easily accommodate unique activities and crowds. Such outdoor spaces can benefit from a grilling station, built-in meat smoker, wood-burning pizza oven, a fire pit that doubles as a marshmallow-roasting location, and outdoor seating areas and serving counters. An outdoor fireplace is an excellent bonus for cool evenings.

To derive full benefit from covered outdoor spaces, investigate outdoor televisions and sound systems, ceiling fans and water misters for hot afternoons, and comfortable all-weather seating, complete with mood lighting and coffee tables for the ultimate enjoyment.

Don't forget the landscaping, but don't try to top a spectacular natural view with planting areas requiring extensive care. A waterfront home may not be the place for a fountain or a fish pond, although a gazebo or Victorian garden folly might add a whimsical touch to a lakeside landscape.

Considering a Waterfront Property?

The final consideration when planning any home is the budget. Whether buyers build new or remodel an existing home, luxury features are compatible with spectacular views and will only serve to enhance the value of a waterfront site. Homebuyers will find the perfect waterfront oasis by asking the right questions before purchasing a waterfront home and adhering to a realistic budget. Then, they can use these tips to achieve the best views in their home.

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