Creative Ideas On How To Hide A Boiler

Hiding a BoilerBoilers are an essential part of our central heating system and we all definitely rely on them to keep us warm, but are they pretty? 

No, no, they are definitely not pretty. In fact, having your boiler showing can actually both lower and pump the value of your home. It could actually knock as much as $5,000 off the sale price, So what can you do? 

Let's look at some ingenious ideas for how to hide a boiler, without compromising the style of your home.

At we know that a lot depends on where in your house your boiler is located. Of course, if it is already in a cupboard of its own, this isn't a problem for you. But if it's imposing on the room it's in, then some of these ideas might be just right for you.

If your boiler is in the kitchen

  1. Hide it in a kitchen cabinet.
  2. Create a chalkboard on top of your boiler.
  3. Use a simple box.
  4. Create a spice rack.
  5. Make a utility cupboard.
  6. Make it into a mirror
  7. Just use a curtain
  8. Make it into a bookcase

Let’s take a closer look at each:

Hide it in a kitchen cabinet

A lot of boilers are in the kitchen, and you can definitely use that to your advantage when trying to hide your boiler. Your kitchen already has cabinets jutting out from the walls. What's one more, eh? 

“If you build a matching kitchen cabinet around your boiler, it will fit right in with the rest of your kitchen, now that’s perfect!” comments Kitchen Capital.

Create a chalkboard around your boiler

OK, hear us out. Chalkboards are really useful to have in your kitchen. We all need somewhere to write our shopping lists and reminders. And they can also give your kitchen a warm and rustic feel. 

So, why not use the dead space around your boiler to build a chalkboard box cover? Rather than trying to camouflage your boiler away, this way you make the boiler a crucial point in the room but just disguised as something else. 

Box the boiler in with plywood and paint it with blackboard paint, and there you have it: a chalkboard. 

Make sure that you have a cupboard door for easy access to the boiler by your trusted professional, comments EBC Boiler Installations, but that can just be painted with blackboard paint too.

Create a Chalkboard Around Your Boiler

Use a simple box

If you can't find any matching kitchen cupboards and you would rather not mess about with chalkboards, you could just create a very simple cupboard, painted in a neutral color to blend in with the room. 

It will surprise you how much of a difference doing just that will make to how much the boiler imposes on your kitchen!

Create a spice rack

Here's where we get creative again. Storing spices can be a nightmare. There's never enough room for them, and the jars just end up spilling out all over the place. Why not make a cupboard for your boiler and, for the door, make one giant spice rack? It's space-saving, useful, and it hides away the boiler.

Make a Utility Cupboard Around Your Boiler

Make a utility cupboard

Why not go all in and create a utility cupboard from floor to ceiling where your boiler is, and incorporate your boiler into that? 

“Of course, you would need a big enough kitchen to lose the floor space, but what you will gain is loads of storage. And we are all short on storage!”, comments property scam expert Paul Gibbens, “Plus, you can use some shelves to keep your tea towels nice and warm.”, he adds.

If your boiler is in any room of the house

Make it into a mirror

Mirrors are an ingenious piece of home design. Not only do they give you somewhere to check your face, but they also make the room look bigger and reflect more light into it to make it brighter. You could box your boiler in and stick a mirror onto one of the panels.

People won't notice that your boiler is there because the mirror is such a distraction.

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Just use a curtain

It's simple, low-tech, and inexpensive, but it is tried and tested and it works. 

Hanging a curtain over your boiler will absolutely hide it from view. And you don't have to use old-fashioned naff curtains, you can now get some absolutely gorgeous and stylish curtains that will add to the room rather than detract from your property value. Tie them in with the overall theme, and your boiler will have a stylish little hideaway that you absolutely love.

Curtains Covering Boiler

Make it into a bookcase

This is a similar idea to the spice rack one. Box the boiler in and create a cupboard, but have the outside door be a swinging bookcase. For many people, books are a wonderful form of interior design, and it is practical as well. If you have the room, you could even set up a little reading nook nearby.

What about the pipework?

Pipework can definitely look a little unsightly, but you can cover them up in a couple of different ways. You could try painting with the same color as your walls so they're less noticeable.

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Safety considerations

Don't forget that you will always need to make sure that your boiler is accessible to gas engineers. According to specialized professionals Heatable, with each new boiler installation, there will also need to be a gap all the way around between the boiler and the cabinet or cupboard. You should also make sure that there is enough ventilation for the boiler to get all the oxygen it needs. There should be a minimum gap of 700 mm between the front of the boiler and any obstruction for the engineer to have room to move, experts add. 

This is also an important consideration if you are boxing in the pipework. Pipes can get very hot, so you need to make sure that there is enough ventilation in the boxing for the pipes not to overheat, comments Fantastic Handyman. The boxing also needs to be easy to remove for the engineer to be able to access. 

Final thoughts

Boilers can be quite unsightly, but you don't have to live with having them intruding on your room decor. There are lots of clever ideas that you can use to hide your boiler away or even incorporate it into your style.






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