Blaine Driving & Commute Times

What to Know About Driving in Blaine

Getting around in a new, unfamiliar place can be challenging, especially in a metropolitan area as populated and expansive as Blaine, Minnesota, and other Minneapolis suburbs. The following information can help new residents who have just moved to Blaine, as well as visitors of Blaine, become familiar with the city's roads and traffic and prepare for parking. Read on before you start driving in Blaine and you'll soon be getting from point A to point B like a native.

Get to Know Blaine's Major Roads

It's easy to get around Blaine, Minnesota, once people get a feel for the roads. There are three major highways that run through Blaine: Highway 65, Highway 610, and Interstate 35W. Highway 65 intersects with Interstate 694, which can then be used to take either Interstate 94 or Interstate 35W to Minneapolis. Lexington Avenue NE is located east of Anoka County and leads to Fleet Farm, Walmart Supercenter, and Lochness Park.

Intersecting Lexington Avenue NE is 125th Avenue NE, which directly connects to several Blaine parks like Pioneer Park, and provides a thoroughfare to nearby Lakeside Commons Park and Bunker Hills Regional Park. Radisson Road NE twists its way through the very center of Anoka County from top to bottom, passing by Blaine Town Square, Blaine Soccer Complex, Victory Links Golf Course, Jim Peterson Athletic Complex, and Anoka County-Blaine Airport. If you live in a downtown Blaine condo, you can take many roads outwards from Blaine to one of these larger roads.

What to Expect During Rush Hour in Blaine

Like most cities, Blaine is subject to rush hour traffic, particularly on weekday mornings and early evenings. Highway 65 tends to get the most traffic because it's the primary North-South thoroughfare that leads to Minneapolis. Approximately 80,000 vehicles travel on Highway 10 every day, which connects Anoka, Coon Rapids, and Ramsey at the southwest edge of Anoka County.

The average commute time in Anoka County is approximately 28 minutes, particularly if you're commuting from a new construction home in a Blaine suburb. The community of Blaine is set to begin a three-year highway renovation project on Highway 10 in an effort to reduce traffic jams and accidents commonly seen during rush hour. There will also be an addition of a MnPASS lane in both directions on I-35W, which is estimated to be completed in 2021.

Parking in Blaine

Section 82-151 of Chapter 82 of Blaine's code of ordinances states, "No owner of any vehicle or person in charge of any vehicle shall park or permit such vehicle to stand upon any highway, street, or alley in the city for more than 48 consecutive hours at any time. From November 1 to April 1, no person shall park or permit to be parked any vehicle on any highway, street, or alley between the hours of 2 AM and 7 AM without an emergency parking permit issued by the police department."

Parking during the winter can be even more difficult, as ordinances are stricter about street parking when there's snow on the ground. However, there are multiple Park & Ride locations, parking lots, and garages throughout the city.

Other Helpful Things to Know About Driving in Blaine

Some other helpful things to know about driving in Blaine include:

  • Texting and driving is illegal throughout the entire state of Minnesota. A first offense is punishable by a $50 fine, and a $225 fine for a second offense.
  • In 2019, the state also made it illegal to speak on the phone while driving unless using a hands-free device.
  • Although other cities allow cars to travel on light rail tracks, Blaine and surrounding areas do not.
  • Drivers cannot "block the box" or creep out into an intersection during a traffic jam while the light is green. Vehicles in the intersection when the light turns red could be ticketed.
  • Be alert for bicyclists traveling in bike lanes, on sidewalks, and on the side of the road. Always give a cyclist right of way.

Although there are a few things unique to driving in Blaine, Minnesota, it's a lot like driving in any other large city. Drivers should practice defensive driving skills and stay alert when on the road. They should also use their GPS on a hands-free device to help them navigate until they get a better feel for the city, and they should not be afraid to stop somewhere and ask for directions if they're unsure of where to go.

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