Got An Electric Car? What You Need To Know About Installing A Charging Station

How to Install an Electric Car ChargerElectric vehicles are becoming more common on our roadways. In fact, 20% of car owners report that they would like their next car to be electrical. This feeling is especially true for Millennials. Unfortunately, without a home charging station many electrical cars may not be that useful. It's important for homeowners who buy new electrical cars to have the appropriate charging station at their house in order to get the most out of their new vehicle.

Different Types of Chargers

There are three different types of chargers that homeowners may use to charge their electric vehicles. The first type is known as a Level 1 charger. This type of charger is essentially a cord with a three-prong plug that can be used in any wall socket in just about any home. The Level 1 charger is the easiest for homeowners to use because all they need to do in order to charge up their vehicle is to plug it into any wall plug in the home. Level 1 chargers take a long time to finish charging, although some vehicles with small batteries may be able to complete a charge overnight.

Level 2 chargers make up the majority of the most dedicated home charging stations. These charging stations require their own dedicated circuit of at least 40 amps, just like any other large electrical appliance, such an electrical oven or dryer. Level 2 charging stations are faster than the Level 1 stations.

The fastest type of charger is called the DC fast charger. The DC in this case stands for "direct current." DC chargers are usually found in public areas and are very fast chargers indeed. These chargers are not often found on a homeowner's property.

Electrical Charger Cost

Blaine MN homeowners who want to install a Level 2 charging station in their home can expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 for installation and as much as $2,000 altogether. At this time there are no federal tax credits to diffuse the cost of installation. However, homeowners who want to save money on their installation can shop around until they find the right contractor at the right rate.

Charger Installation

Just like any other device that is patched into a home's electrical system and unlike a classic car that uses gasoline, the home's car charging system should be installed by a licensed professional electrician. This is because anything that deals with electricity can cause a fire or electrocution if not properly installed. Having the charger installed by a professional and not by yourself as a DIY project helps ensure that it will be done right the first time, which can reduce the risk of injury.

Homeowners who aren't sure which electrician to contact to install their home charger may have to do some research to select the right professional. One of the best ways to find a contractor or electrician to do the work is to get referrals from other homeowners. Using a contractor who has already been vetted and approved of by someone else is a good way to save time.

Contact An Electrician For Help

If you're a homeowner who has recently purchased an electrical vehicle and would like a battery charging station to make your purchase complete, contact an electrician in your area. Working with a reputable electrician is an excellent way to ensure that the car charging station will be installed properly.

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