7 Essential Purchases to Upgrade Your Waterfront Home

Essential Purchases for Your Waterfront Home

Living in a waterfront home is a dream for many, and properties located on lakes are in demand in today's real estate market. This comes as no surprise considering that lakefront homes are amazing places that give residents a sense of living in a vacation destination to enjoy every day. With that in mind, owners can make the most of this unique lifestyle with a few essential purchases to enhance their lakefront home. Keep reading to explore some of the best things to buy for a lake house.

Lounge Furniture For the Porch

Lakefront homes offer views that are often best enjoyed from the porch. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery by creating a relaxing environment for morning coffee, afternoon chitchats, and sunset viewing with patio lounge furniture. Start with comfortable padded chairs or rockers with armrests and cupholders and a few small side tables for conveniently serving drinks and snacks or holding a camera or binoculars for nature watching.

Another must-have for lake house patios is cozy hammocks for baking in breezes or hanging beds. A porch bed makes for an excellent place to read or take an afternoon nap listening to the sounds of the water and wildlife.

Inflatable Furniture to Float on the Lake

While rafts and inner tubes are the most popular and affordable floatation devices, many additional options can add to one's fun when taking respite on the lake. Floating mats crafted from rubber or hammock-style bases are also budget-friendly and durable. Choose models with handles, cupholders, and sturdy backrests for comfort while catching a few rays.

Game lovers might opt for a floating ping pong board or a chess or checkers board that floats on water. Most hold beverages and have side coolers to eliminate the need for extra trips to the coastline for refills or chilled snacks. These tables are generally strong enough to hold one or two people for floating purposes.

A Fire Pit Is a Must-Have at Lake Houses

Fire pits can bring warmth and a sense of serenity to any lakefront property. Depending on the style, most can also be used for grilling and making s'mores without firing up the grill. There are rustic-styled metal fire pits available in various sizes at most home improvement stores and garden centers.

The most popular and durable fire pit designs are those constructed of brick materials, making for a great DIY project that is easy on the budget. These will last years longer than metal fire pits that may rust. Those who also own the land up to the waterline can build their fire pit on the shoreline for nighttime warmth and lighting while visiting with friends or cooking out.

Outdoor Lighting Solutions for Lakeside Homes

Landscape lighting adds ambiance and allows for days on the lake to extend into the nighttime while also offering additional security. Solar-powered path lights can ignite dark areas to ease nighttime navigation to the lake or throughout the property.

Most types of outdoor lights can be placed just about anywhere with ease, such as by the dock, directly in the ground, or placed in pots with soil or sand. LED lights can also add charm to a lake home retreat, and they are much safer than ignited lighting options. Some even flicker like candles for a unique look.

Fishing Equipment to Reel Them In

Fishing Rod and Tackle BoxNorth America has many excellent lakes for recreational and trophy fishing endeavors. However, before casting out, residents should make sure they're aware of fishing regulations in the United States.

Those fortunate enough to live on a body of water stocked with fish can enjoy one of the most relaxing pastimes of humankind by just walking out their door. The best way to ensure success as an angler is to have the right gear for lake fishing, keeping in mind the catch type. Some basics suitable for most anglers include:

  • Tackle box
  • Live or artificial bait
  • Fishing weights
  • Hooks of various sizes
  • Fishing line
  • Floaters or bobbers
  • Bucket or net for catches

Find Out What Boats Are Permitted on Your Lake

Lakes—especially those in waterfront home communities—tend to have strict boating rules about what kind of watercraft can be used. Some may have set launching and docking hours, noise restrictions, boat size and speed limits, and other regulations. At a minimum, those on the water are expected to abide by standard maritime boating rules.

In general, non-motorized boats can be used on most lakes, but others may be restricted. Some common types of boats that may be allowed or prohibited may include:

  • Kayaks, canoes & paddleboards
  • Personal watercraft
  • Fishing boats
  • Pontoon boats
  • Ski & wakeboard boats
  • Sailboats
  • High-performance boats
  • Cabin cruisers & bowriders

Before buying lakefront property, carefully research water access and use restrictions in the neighborhood's covenants, codes, and restrictions. Boating regulations is often one of the first questions homebuyers should ask before buying waterfront property. 

Sandy Shores? Pack Some Beach Gear

Sandy shorelines on lakes are prime places to host gatherings and sit back to soak in the great outdoors. Some of the best lakes even have private beach access for their residents. If there are beaches along the property or for residents' use in the community, why not invest in some gear to make the experience more enjoyable?

Besides staples like sunscreen, sunglasses, a cooler, and towels, a few other items are worth toting along. On a sunny day, a bit of shade can be had with an umbrella, a small screen shelter, or an open-air tent that helps beachgoers stay cooler on hot days. Some tents feature materials with UPF ratings for even more protection from the sun's rays.

If the beach is a bit of a walk from the property, invest in a waterproof tote bag that can easily carry goods. Consider buying a fold-up table and chair set that usually includes a handy traveling pouch. Have a portable, solar-powered charger for phones and music devices to keep them functioning during visits.

Find a Serene Lakefront Property to Call Home

There is a lot to consider when buying a lakefront home or property, but the experience of owning one is perfect for those who enjoy time in and on the water. Should investing in an abode by the lake be a dream, take that vision to greater levels of potential for fun with a few key purchases that accent lakeside living.

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