Explore 3 of the Hottest Loft Buildings in Downtown Minneapolis

Minneapolis Lofts For SaleIn most major cities, a loft residence is a large open space that was likely converted into residential use from its original purpose, which is usually linked to early industry in most cases.

Residential lofts were originally made popular by artists or anybody working in a creative field who used the space as a work-live studio. In general, all the extra open space was perfect not only as a work space, but also for additional storage as well. Today, lofts are certainly still popular among work-at-home professional, but that certainly doesn’t mean they aren’t popular among other Minneapolis home buyers as well. And if you’re a buyer who might be in the market for something with an authentic urban setting, you won’t find a shortage of appealing options here in the heart of the city.

Let’s take a look at just some of the hottest loft buildings you’ll find in downtown Minneapolis:

400 W. 1st Street - The Riverwalk Lofts

Although a rather plain and simple building on the outside, lofts for sale at 401 W. 1st Street are clean, spacious, and ultra-stylish on the inside. High timber ceilings, plenty of exposed brick, and massive windows are only part of the appeal when it comes to The Riverwalk Lofts.

401 2nd Street - 5th Avenue Lofts

If you’re looking to combine some classic loft features like a great downtown location and a spacious open layout with a little bit more of a newer, fresher look and feel, lofts for sale at 401 2nd Street are the perfect solution. Inside, units have much more of a soft loft feel, while private outdoor balconies and even some pretty nice building amenities also help make this a highly sought after location.

918 N. 3rd Street - 918 Lofts

Aptly called the 918 Lofts, the unique and historic building at 918 N. 3rd Street is situated right in the heart of the North Loop Warehouse District, giving units here an authentic loft feel that goes way beyond just the interior. Look for most lofts for sale at 918 N. 3rd to boast concrete ceilings, open concept floor plans, huge concrete columns, and plenty of large windows to let in more than enough natural light.

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