Where Can You Find Fine Dining Restaurants in Minneapolis, MN?

Best Fine Dining Restaurants to Eat At in MinneapolisMinneapolis is the place to be for a good meal with friends, family or coworkers. Whether you're hoping to have a fun night on the town, a professional lunch with business associates, or you're taking a date out for a romantic dinner for two, you've got some choices to make. There are many restaurants where you can go for good fare. Below are some of the best fine dining experiences in the city.

The Capital Grille

Address: The Capital Grille, 801 Hennepin Ave.

The Capital Grille, located in Minneapolis's Theatre District, serves exquisite and varied fare. Known for their excellent wine and cocktail selections as well as their mouth-watering steaks, The Capital Grille is a restaurant for any special occasion or romantic dinner. Want to go for an extra special occasion? The Capital Grille is open on Thanksgiving, when they serve all the traditional holiday foods as well as some not-so traditional soups and entrées.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room

Address: The Oceanaire Seafood Room, 50 South 6th St.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room is most known for its seafood, and in fact was voted one of the best seafood restaurants in the country. Staff is knowledgeable and service is second-to-none. Wait staff at the Oceanaire can help you select the perfect wine to go with your meal, and if you have special dietary restrictions, the chef is very accommodating. Although they're known for their seafood, some people comment that the steaks at the Oceanaire are just as delicious.

Spoon and Stable

Address: Spoon and Stable, 211 N 1st St.

Spoon and Stable has been called a hip French-inspired restaurant set in a vintage carriage house. Spoon and Stable was a certificate of excellence winner from 2016 to 2019, and if you go, you'll find out why. People who love the Spoon and Stable comment that you must go early to get a table, as seats fill up quickly at this popular restaurant.

As a delightful creative touch, staff at the restaurant serve a box of treats with the bill. Spoon and Stable is also well-known for accommodating people with dietary restrictions. Guests comment that the decor is attractive, music levels are just right and food is always perfectly prepared.

The Bachelor Farmer

Address: The Bachelor Farmer, 50 North 2nd Avenue

The Bachelor Farmer is described as an eco-conscious café that serves Nordic-influenced fare. Guests at the restaurant often describe the foods at the Bachelor Farmer as familiar comfort foods, made from simple ingredients. Foods at the Bachelor Farmer are local and organic, and the building that the restaurant is located in is historic.

Some dishes served at the Bachelor Farmer include toasts with toppings, lamb and other many meats, wild rice, and peanut butter pie. This is an excellent restaurant to go with a friend from out of town, or close relatives.

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