Five Outdoor Home Improvements on a Budget

Five Outdoor Home Improvements on a Budget

Best Budget-friendly Outdoor Home ImprovementsHaving pleasant outdoor spaces that can be enjoyed by the entire family doesn't have to send homeowners into debt. In fact, many of the most popular and desirable backyard updates are rather simple and affordable projects that many homeowners can do themselves or hire a general contractor to help with. Here are five budget friendly outdoor home improvement ideas for families who enjoy the great outdoors.

Privacy Screens Conceal While Adding Beauty

Those wanting additional privacy in outdoor spaces should consider adding a lattice or similar screening device. Cost-efficient and typically easy to install, lattice can be custom painted to blend into the natural scenery. This addition gives certain outdoor spaces a room-like feel and can be spruced up with vining plants, blooming flowers, or other landscaping options. One can even use trellises and lattices as an attachment hub for small crops of herbs or vegetables.

Build in a Bar or Bench Top

When it comes to family friendly backyard additions, building in a bar in a corner of your patio creates space to entertain both friends and relatives. On glorious weather days, eating outdoors or sharing a pitcher of cold lemonade outside is simple on a moments notice, and homeowners with small spaces will not be inconvenienced by the need for a big table and chair set. Adding some weatherproof rope lights beneath and above the countertop can create an enchanting setting for evening entertainment.

Install an Outdoor Television

Bring the party outside by installing a television outdoors. Buying a water/weatherproof TV might seem lavish, but good models can be found by those on a budget. Imagine being able to watch the big game or have official movie nights right in the back yard anytime! One budget friendly tips is to buy a traditional flat screen TV and weatherproof it yourself with a DIY waterproof TV enclosure, and certainly consider adding an awning above it for extra protection measures. Of course, homeowners should consider having ample cozy seating and table arrangements for greater viewing pleasure.

Create a Play-Friendly Backyard Respite

If space permits, design or invest in a prefab play structure where play can happen. These outdoor play structures can be simple or elaborate, and many models offer interactive and customized features including swings, slides, forts bridges and sandboxes. Check out these pro tips for designing and building backyard playgrounds that can grow to fit playground-goers of any age. Keep in mind, they won't always enjoy the same things for long!

Add an Outdoor Shower

Want a convenient place for rinsing off after an hour or two of playing on that playground constructing in the sandbox? An outdoor shower can be an interesting part of design plans and even create a topical focal point. Other reasons homeowners might see this as an usual but handy feature is if they have a hot tub or pool, so users can freshen up and rinse chlorine and other chemicals off before changing clothes. Furthermore, an outdoor shower serves as a handy pet bathing station for animal lovers. Do it on the cheap with these outdoor shower construction tips.

Homeowners interesting in outdoor home design tips and additions that offer the most return on investment to their Minneapolis home should contact our real estate professionals today. We can help determine between wise investments that can give families the most enjoyment while they are in their home and also provide details and solid ROI backyard additions.

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