5 Ways to Beautify Your Garden Before Putting Your Home Up for Sale

5 Ways to Beautify Your Garden Before Putting Your Home Up for Sale

Gardening Before Listing Gardens in the yard can boost a property's curb appeal and make a home more attractive to buyers. Planting the right flowers and performing the right maintenance in the garden can turn a home's flower bed into an asset during the home buying process.

Plant Easy-to-Maintain Annuals

Home buyers can be intimidated by gardens with exotic plants, and high-maintenance plants can be a burden during the home selling process. Home sellers who are busy moving and packing simply have less time to maintain fussy garden plants. Easy-to-maintain annuals like impatiens, pansies, and petunias are a good choice during the home selling process because they grow fast and prolifically with little help from the homeowner.

Water On a Schedule

Watering regularly and deeply is one of the best ways to ensure that your garden will produce bushy, flowery growth. For homeowners with automatic sprinkler systems, watering regularly is easy. If the garden has no automatic sprinklers, consider buying a drip irrigation system and a timer for the faucet. This will help ensure that the flowers get the water they need throughout the spring and summer, even if the owner becomes too busy selling the home to water the garden.

Keep it Colorful

Bright colors can make the home look cheerful and inviting. This can contribute to curb appeal during the home-selling process. Whenever possible, plant flowers that come in a range of colors. If planting non-flowering shrubs, look for specimens with colorful leaves in a variety of shades of green and other hues.

Tie It Together with Mulch

Mulch gives garden beds an attractive uniformity. There are many different types of mulch, from rock mulch to wood chips. In addition, mulch can come in a variety of colors. When working with multiple garden beds, use the same type of mulch in all the beds. This can help make a yard look unified and well planned.

Work With Your Real Estate Agent and Staging Professional

As a home seller, it's easy to feel overwhelmed or a little lost when it comes to improving curb appeal on your property. Contact a real estate or home staging professional for guidance. Both can help and give guidance on how to attract the attention of home buyers to help speed the selling process.

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