Getting Ready to Sell Your Home in 2017

Getting Ready to Sell Your Home in 2017

Selling a Home After New Year 2017 The end of 2016 is approaching quickly, so this is the perfect time to start thinking about selling your home in the coming year if you plan on doing so.

If you're a home owner who wishes to sell in 2017, getting ready early will help ensure a successful and profitable real estate transaction whenever it comes time to add your home to the housing market.

Cut Back the Clutter

Clutter can make your home look smaller and unkempt. Buyers who see clutter when they look at your house may question your housekeeping and maintenance habits, and may also decide that your house is too small for their needs. This can draw out the selling process and lead to low bids.

There are many places in the home where clutter can lurk. Tabletops, shelves, on the floor and in corners are the obvious areas that will need to be cleared of clutter. Some of the less obvious areas include closets, the garage, the attic and basement. Home buyers will look in all of these locations to gauge how much storage space your home will provide.

Cutting back clutter can be an involved process for many people, especially for homeowners who have been in their homes for a long time. Throwing away, selling and donating items to charity can take weeks or months. What clutter cannot be gotten rid of should be placed into storage, so this is a good project to start early this coming January. Giving yourself enough time will ensure that your home is ready when it's time to sell.

Boost Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is important to home buyers. Healthy grass, attractive landscaping, well-maintained siding and proper yard lighting are all features that home buyers will look for when they see your home for the first time.

Boosting curb appeal is typically done in the spring, however some curb-appeal related chores can started sooner. For example, if your home will need maintenance like new siding or a new paint job, start looking for contractors this winter so the work can be completed in early spring.

Take Care of Maintenance

If you have lived in your home for some time, chances are some parts of your home are reaching the end of their lifespan. Deferred maintenance may devalue your home and may lead to a lower sale price during the negotiations. Glaring problems like a leaky roof, broken furnace or air conditioner and other maintenance issues should often be addressed in the months before the house is listed on the market.

This is a good time to ask your real estate agent what repairs should be done now or later. For repairs that should be completed before listing, start meeting with contractors in mid winter to find the best bids and to schedule your repairs. 

Find the Right Listing Agent

The right listing agent will help you sell your home quickly and for the best price, so finding the right person for your needs is critical. When looking for a listing agent, take into consideration the listing agent's qualifications and history of success.

Referrals are a good way to find a listing agent. As you choose a listing agent, look a real estate agent who has sold homes in or around your neighborhood. If there are any special circumstances surrounding your home's sale--for example, if your home is going to be a short sale--then look for an agent who has successfully sold homes under similar circumstances.

Finding a listing agent early, like in the coming winter, will ensure that you have someone to consult with as you prepare your home to be sold. Your listing agent can make suggestions for staging, maintenance and repair that will help your home standout to buyers.

Research the Local Market

It's good to know how your home compares to other homes on the market. Seeing what other homeowners are offering, the condition of their home and what you like and don't like about homes in your area will give you ideas about how to sell and present your own home.

To research the competition, you may want to attend open houses in your area. Look at homes that are selling for a price that's comparable to the price that you plan to set for your own home. Luckily, if you have a real estate agent on your side, he or she will help you choose a listing price that's right for your property by doing an analysis of the market to determine your home's value.

Be Ready to List at the Right Time

In most areas of the country, the best time to sell a home is between April and June. However, some areas may hit their peak at different times based on specifics about your area, like the weather. Listing your home right as the market in your area peaks will help you capitalize on the burst of home buyers at that time. Again, your agent will be your best resource in determining when to best list your home after assessing your unique situation and area.

Working closely with your listing agent will help you sell your home for a good price, and will help you sell as quickly as possible. For more information about selling your home in 2017, talk to a knowledgeable and reputable agent today.


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