How to Take Care of Hardwood Floors

4 Ways to Take Care of Hardwood FloorsHardwood floors are a desirable addition to any home and can add a classic and luxurious look to any room. Like any type of flooring material, hardwood floors require regular care and maintenance to keep them looking great. While regular sweeping and mopping are a great preventative measure and do a good job of keeping the floors clean, wood floors may need some extra care and attention. Here are some of the different ways to take care of hardwood floors to keep them looking great.

Clean Up Spills Quickly

Spills happen, especially if the wood floors happen to be in a kitchen. If water spills on the floor, don’t let it sit, as this can cause the planks to warp and become misshapen. Misshapen planks won’t fit together correctly, and it can even potentially create a ridge that people can trip over. It can also potentially ruin the finish on the wood in that spot. To prevent this, simply grab a paper towel, hand towel, mop, or anything absorbent and wipe up the spill. Keeping water off wood floors will help preserve them and prolong their lifespan.

Use Furniture Pads

When re-arranging furniture, it’s common for the furniture’s feet to scratch wood floors. To prevent this from happening, homeowners can purchase furniture foot pads. These pads are typically inexpensive and can be made from a variety of materials, including fabric, felt, plastic, and foam. There many different types of pads, but two are more common than others: ones that adhere to the furniture and ones that do not. Adhering foot pads stick to the furniture like a sticker, and they stay secure while the furniture is moved around. Removable foot pads are good for situations where the furniture isn’t moved often because they can be put on and taken off without very much effort.

Keep Pets From Running on the Floors

Pet owners who have hardwood floors have likely noticed their floors are covered in scratches. Dogs, especially large breeds, are notorious for scratching wood floors when they run and play. To prevent the floors from being scratched, homeowners have a couple of different options. First, they can try to train their pet not to run on the wood floors. However, this can be tricky, especially with excitable animals that love to run. The second option is to put a rug over the wood floors, especially in problem areas. This is a sure way to protect the floors, and also makes it safer for pets and people, because the rug provides traction that is ordinarily lost on a slippery wooden floor.

Re-Finish the Floors Regularly

If the floors are really showing wear and tear, Eden Prairie homeowners can bring them up to snuff by getting them re-finished. Wood floors should typically be re-finished every 7-10 years, but it can vary depending on the floors and how worn they are. Because re-finishing removes wood from the floor, it can only be done a certain number of times before the floor needs to be replaced. For a floor that’s ¾ inch thick, it can be refinished 4-6 times. Homeowners can either re-finish their floors on their own or hire a professional to do it for them.

Just like any other type of floor, hardwood floors need to be taken care of in order to get the most out of them. Following this advice can help prolong a wood floor and keep it looking great, regardless of how old it is.

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