Help 5 Minnesota Families Have “The Best Christmas Ever!”

The Kris Lindahl Team Gears Up to Provide the Best Christmas Ever to Struggling Families This Holiday SeasonThe Kris Lindahl Team is putting its competitive fire to work for a great cause this holiday season, and we need your help to bring it home for five local families. Our Best Christmas Ever (BCE) teams with corporate sponsors and everyday people to give struggling families The Best Christmas Ever—usually in the form of a carload of gifts based on their specific needs. They started with one family in 2011 and will help 100 families this year.

The best part: The families are secretly nominated by their friends and colleagues, so they don’t even know the gifts are coming!

We’ve fielded five BCE teams, each with a goal of raising $5,000 minimum for their families.

These are the people and families you’d be helping directly:

  • A woman who recently lost her husband in a motorcycle accident and wants this to feel like a normal Christmas for her 4-year-old daughter.
  • A young mother of three who’s battling her second round round of an aggressive form of brain cancer.
  • A father whose two kids are estranged from their mother due to issues around drug addiction and neglect—who works hard but has very little money and just wants to support his children.
  • A couple whose baby has undergone six surgeries in less than a year for a series of cancers and rare genetic diseases, who deserve to have some joy this season for themselves and their three-year-old.
  • A hard-working young single mom who never complains about her extreme arthritis or the abuse she experienced as a foster child, who deserves to have a great Christmas for herself and the five-year-old son she’s trying to raise. To help one or more of our five KLT teams, please click on the links below:

To learn more about Best Christmas Ever, check out: 

Thanks for helping us help local families, and we hope you all have the Best Christmas Ever!

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