Home Architectural Design: 5 Ever-Trending Construction Styles

Popular Home Architectural Styles in Demand TodayWhile every home possesses its own unique charm, the majority of residential structures are designed upon a particular architectural style. Indications of architectural origins are typically apparent throughout the exterior and interior spaces. Those considering building or buying an Anoka County home may encounter homes modeled after these popular architectural designs.

Traditional Home Designs

Traditional home floor plans are very common within master planned communities and are favored by those seeking a classic, timeless look. These unpretentious structures are typically two-stories and have aesthetic additions such as columns, dormers and gables fronting symmetrically placed shutter-style windows. Traditional homes favor separated rooms such as formal dining and living spaces, and interior touches lean towards wood cabinetry, neutral floorings and drop-down light fixtures.

Modern Architectural Home Designs

Modern-style homes typically boast ‘smart home ready' features, are crafted with eco-friendly materials and techniques, and are designed for optimal energy efficiency. Modern architecture is very similar to traditional homes aesthetically, but these contemporary dwellings predominantly appeal to tech-minded buyers who want automated home features to remotely control lights, security systems, smart appliances, windows, doors and much more.

The Cape Cod Design

Cape Cod style homes are most often simplistic, 1.5-story structures with higher pitched roofs, gables and an oversized front-side chimney. Known for having little ornamentation and clapboard or shingle siding, the Cape Cod design is ideal for minimalists who still want to leave open space for home expansion if desired. Architecturally, the shape of these homes allow for a center hall floor plan with a downstairs master suite and additional rooms in the half story. Cape Code abodes are easy to add on to without disrupting the flow of the home's curb appeal and interior aesthetics.

Ranch-Style Homes

Also known as rambler homes, ranch-style dwellings are typically single-story, horizontal structures that may be laid out in a L, U or rectangular shape. This permits these often sprawling floor plans to be more free-flowing, allowing for outdoor views from most interior spaces throughout the home. Ranch homes feature long, low roof lines, and the layout makes it easy to separate sleeping and living spaces for greater privacy when desired.

As with the Cape Cod style, rambler homes are relatively simple to add on to. While most are single-storied, some ranches are what is called a raised ranch, which adds a story to certain segments or even a basement. Many ranch homes are custom built from design to interior finishing touches, so they are typically graced with top-of-the-line features.

Cottage-Style Homes

Those looking for a smaller home that is easy to maintain, yet spacious enough to entertain are often drawn to cottage-style architecture. These quaint homes allow owners to have more freedom and flexibility in overall design, making it ideal for creative types and those seeking a quiet and comfortable respite.

Many cottages have a tucked away ‘second floor' space in the attic that can serve any number of purposes. They are also known for having generous wrap-around or frontal porches, bay window seats, and lots of built-in storage. Cottage style architecture is a good choice for downsizing families or for new homeowners and retirees.

Discovering Your Ideal Architectural Style

Unless a home is being constructed within a master-planned community or other subdivision that mandates home style, homeowners should rely on two things to guide them to the ideal style: function and aesthetics. Will the home meet the needs of all occupants comfortably? Is the home eye appealing both inside and out? Case in point, there is no ideal per se, as home architectural style is very much a matter of personal preference.

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