Upgrading Your Garage? Tips and Ideas

Upgrading Your Garage? Tips and Ideas

Garage Upgrade Information for HomeownersA garage upgrade is an excellent way to add value to a house and get more functionality out of the garage. Many homeowners choose to upgrade their garage when they need more living space or want to start using their garage more for parking or completing projects. If you're a homeowner who is considering a garage update in the next several months, here's what you need to consider.

Explore the Options

There are many ways to upgrade a garage. Some of these garage improvements are extensive and involved, others can easily be accomplished over a weekend.

  • Adding insulation. This easy project makes the garage a more comfortable place to spend time when working on projects.
  • Install more storage. For homeowners who use their garage for storage, adding more shelves and peg boards makes storing items there simpler.
  • Creating a living space. This is a good option for homeowners who would like to create a separate apartment or more living space on their property.

Make a List of Goals

Before beginning work on the garage, it's important for the homeowner to make a list of goals for their home upgrade. Having the list of goals helps ensure that all the changes made to the garage will bring the homeowner closer to achieving those goals. Homeowners who decide to hire a contractor to perform their upgrade should share this list with the contractor before finalizing a plan.

DIY or Professional?

Often homeowners will make small upgrades for themselves without hiring a professional. Installation of shelves or insulation can often be done without help from a contractor. However, some home improvements should only be done with the help of an expert.

Homeowners who want to convert their garage into an apartment or perform any upgrade that requires a permit should work with an experienced, licensed professional. Failure to hire a professional can result in work being performed that could cause the home's value to decrease.

Choose the Right Licensed Contractor

If you're a Blaine homeowner who is thinking about performing a home upgrade on your garage, work with a licensed contractor with knowledge of building permits in your area. Get an itemized bid and check references before signing a contract. Following these tips can help you find a contractor who will perform your home upgrade to your specifications.

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