Home Photography Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

All About Taking Your Own Real Estate PhotographsBefore listing an Anoka MN home for sale, many homeowners will take pictures of their property to show in the listing. Photographs are critical for attracting high-paying buyers. Without good pictures of the home, many people will not come to look at the property in person. Of course, it's not enough just to take pictures. Photographs of the house must also look their best, and must present the house in a good light.

Your real estate agent may either take his or her own photos or hire a professional photographer. They may, however, rely on the homeowner for those hard to get photos or pictures of the home from different times of the year. Photos that are not used for the listing can always be used in a photo album laid out for potential buyers to look at. Photos of the outside of the home during autumn or a snowy winter are great photos for potential buyers to see. For homeowners or professional photographers who are taking pictures of their property, these tips can help.

Stage Each Room

The first step to taking a good picture is to stage the room. Staging involves cleaning the house, decorating the furniture and sometimes even repainting. Light, neutral color schemes can make the home look clean and attractive in the photographs. Picking up clutter makes rooms look larger.

Show the Best Light

Natural light is very flattering in real estate pictures, but sometimes direct sunlight can lead focus away from the room's features. Often the best times of day to take pictures are when the sun is bright overhead, but no direct light is shining in the room. Good lighting, with desk or floor lamps can make a big difference in a photograph. Though if the photo is taken during the day, sometimes one may have to wait for the sun to move to take pictures in each room. Morning light is gentler than afternoon sunlight, and thus morning is often a better time of day to take real estate pictures.

Take Many Pictures, Post Only the Best

Homeowners who take their own pictures may find it hard to capture the character of the room. Without special equipment and a good eye for photography, some homeowners will take photographs that make rooms look flat and deceptively small. To avoid this problem, homeowners must take pictures from a variety of angles, including angles closer to the floor and from different corners. Once many, many pictures have been taken of each room, the homeowner must decide which pictures are worth showing. Blurry images and back-lit pictures are best thrown out. Posting a poor quality picture can be just as bad as showing no picture at all.

Include Features Home Buyers Find Impressive

Homeowners can attract buyers by taking pictures of the parts of their property that they think buyers will like. A creek with a waterfall in the backyard, for example, could be a selling point. Since many buyers will look at the pictures before they read the rest of the listing, the best way to ensure that buyers know about that feature is to take a picture of it. Some homeowners will even post pictures of their home's exterior at different times of the year, if their property is especially beautiful at those times. A homeowner may take pictures of their large, beautiful garden in the spring and include that picture in the listing.

Work With a Professional Photographer

While many homeowners opt to take their own pictures of their property, the best way to ensure that the listing will look good for buyers is to hire a professional photographer. A professional photographer will know how to capture small details that will make the property stand out, while avoiding parts of the home that the buyers may find less enticing.

Contact A Real Estate Professional In Your Area

If you're a home buyer who is going to be listing your home for sale soon, your real estate professional can answer any questions you might have about hiring a photographer or taking your own real estate photographs.

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