Home Selling: Benefits of Exterior Home Painting

Home Selling: Benefits of Exterior Home Painting

The Benefits of Redoing Exterior Home Paint before SellingWhen you first make a list of home upgrades to make before selling a home, you have to weigh out the pros and cons of each item. You don't have unlimited funds, so prioritizing the tasks that have the largest benefits makes a lot of sense. Here are four points in favor of repainting your home's exterior:

1. Puts a Fresh Face on the Home

Experienced sellers know that curb appeal is king. If buyers think that your home looks old and dilapidated, they may not even pull into the driveway. You might lose potential buyers as they do online research too. The primary concern is that your home exterior is easily visible from the street, so you really need to put it in top order before you create that MLS listing. You would be surprised how quickly a fresh paint job updates your home and makes it appear up to the minute. Even older homes can look much more current with a new coat of paint.

2. Adds Extra Protection to the Exterior Structure

You may not be aware of this, but the paint job on your Apple Valley home's exterior fulfills functions beyond aesthetics. A beautiful paint color on the structure can protect your siding from weather damage, or even inhibit the growth of mildew or mold. Climates that are particularly hot and dry, or wet and humid, can cause problems with your siding and even enter into your home. Some paint types are designed especially for these weather conditions, so that you can keep your home exterior looking better longer.

3. Conforms to Buyer Expectations

The more connected people are to the buying process, the harder sellers have to work to compete—a challenge, especially for busy sellers. Decades ago, buyers had to rely on a real estate agent or their own eyes to get a sense for the condition of the home. These days, they can look online and anticipate your photography to be top-notch. Buyers are expecting to see your home's curb appeal to be the best part of the property, and the home exterior paint condition is an important part of that. With a new paint job, you can prioritize your home exterior and ensure that you are able to meet buyer criteria for home maintenance and color schemes.

4. Reveals Problems to Fix

There is a practical reason to get new paint on your home before you complete other tasks on your list, as well. On occasion, preparing for a fresh coat of paint on the home exterior shows that there are other problems that need to be fixed. You might have a mold infestation under the siding that should be remediated before the home inspection wrecks your sale. This and all kinds of other issues might be sitting just below the surface, beyond the basic glance. Expert attention could reveal an additional need to replace your siding, or to look for signs of weather damage inside the home.

In some cases, a home improvement is so obviously beneficial that you have no reasonable excuse to avoid it. Home exterior painting is a good example, with its contribution to home protection and curb appeal. By getting a new paint job for your home, you will enjoy greater buyer interest, and possibly a higher sale price.

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