Home Selling Hassles You Avoid With a Guaranteed Cash Offer: The Convenient Way To Sell a House

Home Selling Hassles You Avoid with a Guaranteed Cash Offer

Selling your home is a life-changing decision punctuated by exciting possibilities and a dash of anxiety-inducing complexity. When you decide to part ways with your property, it can feel like stepping into a labyrinth of unfamiliar processes, jargons, and emotions. Whether you are selling your first home or have been through the endeavor before, there's no denying the myriad of 'hassles' that can crop up along the way. Of course every home selling situation is different; but listed below are just some of the hassles we've seen home sellers avoid when choosing to accept a Guaranteed Cash Offer.

Pet Hassles

  • You receive a text message or notification that you need to leave your home in the next 30 minutes for a showing. For pet owners, the first question that comes to mind is, what are we going to do with our dogs? 
  • You've spent months prepping your home for the open market. Everything is clean, updates and repairs have been made, and you've decluttered every room in the house. It's time for your first, and very important, open house. As you're making last-minute rounds before leaving the home, your dog acts out and starts destroying things or relieving himself all over your furniture. 
  • After weeks of stress and inconvenience, you've found a buyer! However just before the deal is about to close it's disclosed that the owner had cats, the house still smells, and the buyer is allergic. The offer is rescinded and you're back at square one. 

The Bottom Line: Pets are a wildcard when selling a house on the open market. And while these scenarios are extreme and uncommon, we've seen them happen. Accpeting a Guaranteed Cash Offer eliminates pet stress entirely and keeps the pets in your life a source of love and joy. 

Repair Hassles

For an experienced handyman or DIYer, home repairs and fixes are a piece of cake. But for many of us, they're dollar signs and a whole lot of added stress. Even if it's something as simple as a fresh coat of paint, painting an entire home requires an extraordinary amout of time. And if we're talking about something plumbing or electrical related and you're not equipped with the skills to get the job done safely or efficiently, hiring a professional can get expensive depending on the taks at hand. 

The Bottom Line: Accpeting a Guaranteed Cash Offer will undoubtedly save you time and upfront money, which can be significant for home sellers who don't have the cash to make costly repairs or simply need to sell their home in a timely fashion. 

Avoid Home Selling Hassles With a Guaranteed Cash Offer

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Staging & Photography Hassles

We all know that most home buyers begin their search online nowadays, effectively making staging and photography more important than ever. In fact, homes can't just look decent in photos; they have to look "showroom ready" to really make the best first impression possible. So what does this mean for sellers? More time and money spent. If your home is cluttered, it needs to be decluttered. If you have outdated furniture, it's out with the old and in with the new, simply for staging purposes.

The Bottom Line: Home sellers aren't required to go the extra mile when it comes to staging and photography. But not doing so will almost guarantee you won't get the best offer possible, which will only cost you more money in the long run. But on the flip side, accpeting a Guaranteed Cash Offer means sellers are spending less time getting their home into sell-ready shape. 

Timing Hassles

Timing is often the single biggest headache involved in selling a home. In many instances home sellers need the funds from the sale of their current property to buy their next home; or worse, they're trying to time the sale of their home with availabiltiy in a co-op or senior or assisted-living facility, which is only getting more tricky as demand increases. Throughout the history of real estate transactions, this has always been a major issue—until now. Our Guaranteed Cash Offer program is all about timing and flexibility, putting you, the home seller, in control. Once you accept a Guaranteed Cash Offer, you're free to be a non-contingent home buyer or free to reserve your spot in a senior living facility before an open space is taken. You pick you cash closing date, and more importantly, you pick your movoing date too. 

The Bottom Line: Accepting a Guaranteed Cash Offer removes the complexity of "timing" a move. Home sellers have the ability to choose a closing date and stay in the home until they're ready to move, whenever that may be. 

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