Home Selling Made Easy: Timely Tips to Help Get Your Home Sold!

Home Selling Made Easy: Timely Tips to Help Get Your Home Sold!

How to Sell Your HomeThe current combination of lagging real estate inventories and strong buyer interest have combined to create an excellent opportunity for home selling this year. In fact, according to recent market information, buyers in some areas of the country are having to dig deep and participate in veritable bidding wars against other, equally qualified buyers in order to have any chance of purchasing the home they want. Sellers willing to take part in this frenzy of real estate activity have an opportunity to reap higher than usual rewards for their efforts. 

Move Quickly, but Not So Fast That Repair Issues are Ignored

In the heat of a seller's market, homeowners may feel the need to rush the listing of their home due to worries about missing out on the heaviest buyer activity. But failing to make needed repairs and updates will only cause buyers to make lower offers or worse, create delays and unnecessary expenses during the home inspection phase. Taking a little extra time to finish those home repair (as well as cleaning and deodorizing) tasks before listing the home is always the best plan for a great home selling experience. 

Use Market Interest to Push the Price Point, But Not Too High

Selling during a seller's market can help homeowners get premium prices, but pricing the home within the range indicated by the most recent comparative market analysis (CMA) is still the wisest choice. For example: If you're selling a home in Apple Valley, wouldn't it make a lot of sense to see how other similar listings in Apple Valley are selling? Sellers who give in to the temptation to overprice their homes may push good buyers away or worse, face unnecessary appraisal issues after the home goes under contract. Homes that are priced to reflect their actual value in a very competitive market are much more likely to enjoy multiple offers from highly qualified buyers, some of whom may be willing to waive appraisal or financing contingencies to get their offer accepted.

Always Keep the Home Ready for Buyers

When buyers must vie for the best homes in their market area, they often need to view them quickly. While this can be inconvenient for sellers due to the disruption of normal everyday life, sellers who want to get the best offers and the fastest sale will need to allow showings on short notice and multiple visits per day. There are, however, some things sellers can do to make this situation as tenable as possible, including: 

  • Hiring a professional cleaning service to deep clean the home periodically to help ensure it is always ready for viewing
  • Asking a friend or relative to babysit pets during the listing period or having a good plan for removing them from the home quickly when a buyer is coming to view it 
  • Enlisting all family members to assist in keeping laundry and dishes washed, counters clear, and floors clean so the home is always ready to show on short notice
  • Hiring a professional lawn care crew to cut and trim the lawn on a regular schedule to keep it looking its best

While it can be especially annoying to endure multiple showings during a time of heavy market activity, sellers can take comfort in knowing that they will likely only need to do so for a few short weeks when buyer interest is at a high point. 

Insist on Working With the Best Selling Agent in the Area

No matter what friends or relatives with brand new real estate licenses may say, selling a home is a business deal and should be treated as such. This is especially true during a seller's market when complicated multiple offers situations that require extensive negotiations are more common. Although it may be easier to attract buyers during a seller's market, it can be much more difficult to deal with the higher volume of calls, viewings, and offer negotiations that arise from the increased activity. 

To find out more about selling your home during a seller's market, homeowners should start by discussing their goals with an experienced, successful listing agent who works intimately with the area in which their home is located. 

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