Home Selling: Small Improvements That can Make a Big Difference

Home Selling: Small Improvements That can Make a Big Difference

Giving Home Buyers a Good First Impression The best home improvements are the ones that not only add function and beauty, but also add value to the home. Before selling a home, it can be tempting to go for the most expensive or the most extravagant home improvements out there, thinking that you can easily recover the cost.

Before spending too much on home improvement, keep in mind that the goal of undertaking home improvements before selling should be all about making a great first impression and a return on your investment.

Here are some of the best home improvement tips for soon-to-be home sellers:

Curb Appeal is a Big Deal

Just like how interviewees dress their best to make a great first impression, you will want to make sure that your home exterior looks great to prospective buyers.

Make sure to clear any clutter in the garage, lawn, or porch. Paint the door in an attractive hue to make it look brand new, and purchase a few flowering potted plants and place them in strategic locations outside the house.

What you want is to create an inviting and clean façade that will make buyers excited for what’s inside.

Allow Paint to do the Talking

Repainting a home is one of the easiest home improvement tips that won’t break the bank. It can also visually shave off a few years from your property’s real age plus give the new owners a beautiful new place to live in. Try to paint in such a way that highlights the best details of your home in an elegant manner.

To generate the most appeal, stick to neutral and soft colors.

Let Your Light Shine Through

Make it a point to replace failing bulbs and clean light fixtures before placing your home on the market. Having faulty bulbs when buyers come in for a showing can give the impression that your property has been neglected and that more repairs might be needed. This might turn away buyers or prompt them to ask for a lower price.

A beautiful home shouldn’t be shrouded in darkness. Having clean, simple, and working light fixtures is one of the easiest home improvement tips one can make to ensure a successful sale. In addition, don’t forget to let in as much natural light as you can!

Go for a Minor Bathroom Makeover

Bathrooms are often left as they were when homeowners first got their home. It seldom gets much attention compared to the rest of the house in most cases. To stand out from the competition, making small updates or fixes can be worth your while.

If you cannot afford to replace the tiles and the tub, simply have them deep cleaned and perhaps re-grouted. Check that all the faucets are working, update any older fixtures, replace worn shower curtains, hide all personal effects, and invest in thick white towels for when potential buyers come over.

What you want is for buyers to feel that the bathroom is a private relaxing space. After all, you will likely expect the same when you’re hunting for a home.

Seal the Deal in the Kitchen

People often spend a lot of time together in the kitchen these days. It has certainly become one of the most important rooms in the house to check for those looking for a new home, meaning you will want to make sure everything looks its best.

Aside from repainting the kitchen a neutral color, make sure that all appliances are working no matter if you’re taking them or if they are included in the sale. Take away personal effects such as photos, make sure to declutter, and organize what remains.

A clean, organized, and functional kitchen may sway a picky buyer. It’s one of the small home improvements before selling that can make a huge difference when it comes to impressing buyers.

Overall, buyers want to see a functional, attractive space where they can imagine themselves living. Give them that and there’s a better chance you will seal the deal and have a successful sale.


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