4 Home Showing Safety Tips

4 Ways To Improve Safety During Home ShowingsHome showings are easily one of the most important parts of the home selling process. A showing is where buyers are allowed to come to the home and see it with their own eyes for the first time, instead of just seeing it through photos on a listing. However, home showings can also be a risky time for the homeowner. Some people come to the home, not looking to see if they want to buy it, but if they can take anything from it. Homeowners need to take measures to protect themselves and their possessions from people who want to take advantage of an open home.

Only Let Guests in if They Have an Appointment

A “For Sale” sign in the front yard is a great way to advertise to home buyers, and it can be one of the ways buyers first see a home. People may come up to the home, knock on the door, and ask if they can walk through the home. If this happens, don’t let those people into the home. Homeowners should instead give the visitors the contact information of their real estate agent and tell them that they’re welcome to come see the home when they have an appointment time. Your agent can also use real estate sign riders to allow interested buyers to text for more information. Ensuring that everyone who sees the home has an appointment is a good way to keep track of who is actually coming to see the home. This is especially important in the current climate. Buttonwood, who offer property management Toronto, have given the following advice: Social distancing and hygiene measures should be strictly applied, and when possible, opt for virtual tours and live viewings.

Put Valuables Away

All homeowners have something valuable in their home that they would be distraught to find if someone walked away with it. In this case, the most obvious precaution is the most effective. Simply putting away valuable things so they’re out of sight can be an easy and effective way to make sure no one takes them. Examples of valuables to put away include things such as:

  • Mail
  • Medications
  • Documents such as bank statements
  • Jewelry
  • Family heirlooms
  • Smartphones and small electronics

Most of these things can just be put in a drawer or cupboard. However, homeowners who want to be completely sure that no one discovers their things could even put them in a safe or a firebox so they’re behind lock and key.

Password Protect Computers

Nearly every household has at least one computer in it, and those computers are used to check bank statements, send emails, and manage lives. All computers have the ability to be password protected, meaning anyone who tries to use the computer after turning it on or waking it up will need to type in a password. However, not everyone uses passwords on their computers. If someone comes into the home and sees an unattended computer, they may try turning it on to see what information they can learn about the homeowner. Having a password will protect the homeowner’s information and internet accounts.

Install Smart Security Cameras

Homeowners who want to make absolutely sure they know what guests are doing in their home can install smart security cameras. These devices are especially useful because they’re less expensive than hiring a professional security service, and the homeowner is able to view the video feed from anywhere and at any time by using their smart phone. Homeowners can also move the cameras around as they please and adjust the angle of the lens to focus on certain areas. Having a camera pointed at a desktop computer can be a great way to personally ensure no one uses it while looking at the home.

It’s perfectly normal for Hudson homeowners to be concerned about the security of their home during showings. Using these tips are a great way to help ensure that everything remains as it should.

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