Homeowners Guide to New Cabinets

Homeowners Guide to New Cabinets

New Cabinets: Everything a Homeowner Needs to KnowCabinets are a costly item that can make or break a kitchen renovation. The right kitchen cabinets can make cooking a meal and cleaning up afterwords an enjoyable process, but knowing where to start in planning for a cabinet replacement can be overwhelming for homeowners. Homeowners who know they want to upgrade their kitchen cabinets but aren't sure how or what kind of product they're looking for may benefit from this helpful information.

The Cost of Replacing Cabinets

Replacing existing cabinets can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $20,000. The cost of replacement can depend on a lot of factors including material, number of cabinets, and customizations. Homeowners hoping to save money can purchase stock cabinets made from lower grade materials. Homeowners who have a more flexible budget can spring for higher quality cabinets that are likely to last much longer.

Stock, Semi-Custom or Custom

One of the first questions that many contractors will ask a homeowner is whether they're interested in stock, custom or semi-custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are sold in pre-arranged configurations and come in limited styles. Custom cabinets are basically designed from scratch to meet the needs of the homeowner. In between these two options are the semi-custom cabinets, which are not as expensive as custom cabinets and can be slightly more tailored than stock cabinets.

Visit Showrooms

Homeowners who are hoping to install new cabinets in their home must start by viewing different cabinet options. This can help a homeowner to decide what kind of material is right for them. Cabinets that are made of solid wood are usually the most expensive and attractive type of cabinets, while lower grade cabinets made from medium density fiberboard or wood veneer are more affordable. Seeing these materials in show rooms can help homeowners discern the difference between these types of materials.

Get Quotes from Many Contractors

A homeowner who is ready to start their project must first begin by getting quotes from many contractors. Contractors often start by drawing up designs and writing a quote for their designs. Homeowners can use the quotes to compare one contractor to another and make a final decision.

When to Refinish

Replacing cabinets can be so costly that many Apple Valley homeowners save thousands of dollars just by refinishing their old cabinets rather than replacing their new cabinets. Homeowners with old cabinets that are solid, made from good materials and suffering only from cosmetic problems may consider refinishing. Just like homeowners who want to replace their cabinets, homeowners who are interested in refinishing must start by contacting a licensed contractor.

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